Photoshop Buying Guide: Choose the Best for Your Needs


Photoshop is ubiquitous, and is generally recognized as the top dog in image editing. Like other major brand names, Photoshop is not only a noun, but a verb: How many times have you heard the question, "Is that picture Photoshopped?" However, Adobe has three Photoshop products, with different capabilities and prices, available for both PC and Mac:

Photoshop Elements 2018 ( on -) is a consumer program that provides guidance for every level of photographer, plus advanced modes for going further. Read Review ->

●  Photoshop Lightroom CC (US$9.99/mo. on Adobe)  is a professional tool for organizing and processing digital images. It sells for $140 or can be leased for $10 per month. Read Review ->

Photoshop CC (US$19.99/mo. on Adobe)  offers the deepest set of features and tools to enable professional quality and creativity for photographers and artists. It can be leased starting at $10 per month. Read Review ->

Here is a breakdown of each Photoshop version, so you can decide which one suits your interests, needs and budget.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

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