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Notch Confirms He's No Longer Working on 0x10c

Fans of popular sandbox game Minecraft will be disappointed to learn that the game's creator, Markus Persson (known as 'Notch' around the web), is no longer working on his scifi sandbox project '0x10c.' Persson first confirmed 0x10c last April, describing it as an "ambitious" PC game set in outer space. At the time, Persson said the project was in its early stages. Unfortunately, it looks like we won't ever see the game as Persson imagined it.

On a recent Team Fortress 2 livestream, Notch admitted he has no future aspirations for the game. The news comes after Persson halted work on the game earlier this year. The Swedish video game designer said he was excited about the game but was suffering from creative block and the project was on ice until he could fix that.

All is not lost, though, as it seems a group of programmers is determined to bring the game to market, even if Notch doesn't have any such plans. US Gamer reports that Notch's revelation has encouraged a party of his fans to make 0x10c themselves. The game will not share any of the same code or even the same name. Instead, the developers are calling it 'Project Trillek.' The Trillek subreddit describes it as "an open source game inspired by Notch's 0x10c."

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Speaking via his Tumblr, Notch explained that when he had set out to make the game, he hadn't really considered his fans and how much pressure would come with public acknowledgement of the project. In short, it felt a lot more like work than Minecraft.

"What I hadn’t considered was that a lot more people cared about my games now. People got incredibly excited, and the pressure of suddenly having people care if the game got made or not started zapping the fun out of the project," he wrote. "I spent a lot of time thinking about if I even wanted to make games any more. I guess I could just stop talking about what I do, but that doesn’t really come all that natural to me. Over time I kinda just stopped working on it, and then eventually decided to mentally file it as "on ice" and try doing some smaller things."

Notch goes on to say that he understands why his comments on the Team Fortress 2 livestream made such a splash but that he's happy someone else is taking over the project.

"Some people in the 0x10c community decided to work together to make their own version of their game, called Project Trillek," he wrote. "I find this absolutely amazing. I want to play this game so much, but I am not the right person to make it. Not any more. I’m convinced a new team with less public interest can make a vastly superior game than what I would make."

Notch's original 0x10c was space exploration game set in a parallel universe in 1988. Scientists had discovered a way to put humans in a deep sleep for long treks through space but a bug sees passengers hibernate until the year 281 474 976 712 644 AD and wake "to a universe on the brink of extinction." Project Trillek's website doesn't reveal much about the game's new storyline, but there is a blog you can follow along with for updates.