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Killer iPhone Black Friday deal: Snag the iPhone SE for £99 now

iPhone SE Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Future)

There are lots of Black Friday deals to choose from and more on their way with Cyber Monday deals, but discount iPhones are the bargains to look out for. 

And we've got a good one for you: Apple's iPhone SE is on sale for £99 upfront cost with EE in this exclusive deal from Fonehouse. This is a £79 discount for a 24-month phone contract in which you'll get one year's worth of Apple TV Plus as well. 

iPhone SE 65GB Black: 2GB contract only £99 upfront on EE @ Fonehouse
Normally, £399 by itself and £178 upfront, but this deal will save you £79 on the upfront cost and get you one of our favourite smartphones of the year. Now 64GB of storage space might not seem like a lot, but it’s fine for the iPhone SE. And this £20 per month contract only comes with 2GB of monthly data, but if you use Wi-FI a lot, that shouldn't be a problem. The iPhone SE deals also applies to the white iPhone SE and the Red iPhone SEView Deal

iPhone SE 65GB Red: 4GB contact only £99 upfront on EE @ Fonehouse
If you want a contract with a little more data each month, then for £21 per month you can get a 4GB data allowance. And you get the iPhone SE for £99 up front. You can also get the iPhone SE in white, and the iPhone SE in black.View Deal

In our iPhone SE review, we praised it for being an outstanding smartphone for under £400. It’s also the cheapest way to get into Apple’s iOS ecosystem without splashing the cash on a £700 plus iPhone. 

There's a lot to like with the iPhone SE, from its excellent performance to impressive cameras. Its compact size is also ideal for people with small hands. 

Its metal and glass design is also very nice for a budget phone. And this allows it to offer water resistance and still enable wireless charging. 

In short, this is one of the best phones of the 2020 and well worth a look. And for other discounts, don’t forget to check our best Amazon Black Friday deals; you’re sure to find a tech bargain. 

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