Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review 2024

The new Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid is marketed as a cooling mattress, but how cool and comfy is it? We review it to find out

Image shows the Leesa Chill Oasis Mattress placed on a luxurious cream quilted bed frame, placed in a teal coloured bedroom
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid Mattress comes in two comfort levels: Plush or Cushion-Firm. We slept on the Cushion-Firm version and found it gently cradles the body while offering ample support for back and stomach sleepers. In our testing experience the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid’s temperature regulation wasn't up to the task of keeping sleepers cool. However in all other key areas, from edge support and motion isolation to pressure relief and full body comfort, this Leesa mattress is seriously excellent.


  • +

    Comes in two firmness levels

  • +

    Excellent edge support

  • +

    Above-average motion isolation

  • +

    Great pressure relief


  • -

    Sleeps hot – not good for a 'cooling' mattress

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Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review in brief

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress is a part of Leesa's new line of cooling mattresses. An evergreen mattress sale keeps the cost of a queen at $1,399 – which is at the higher end of the mid-range pricing bracket. So how does the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid fare against the best mattresses on the market in terms of cooling and comfort? After sleeping on a queen-sized Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid for three weeks, here's what we learned...

As the name suggests, the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid promises a cool night's sleep – the top cover is woven with special heat-wicking fibers, and there are multiple foam layers infused with gel and copper. In practice, this didn't work out for our main tester, whose sleep was disturbed throughout the testing period multiple times due to overheating, even in spite of temperate conditions.

The lack of cooling prowess is a huge strike against a mattress that's designed to prevent sleepers from waking up in a pool of sweat. That said, the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress has its merits. It comes in two comfort levels (Plush or Cushion-Firm) so you can tailor the feel to your liking. We tested the Cushion-Firm version and thought it offered a luxurious sleep experience for front and back sleepers. It keeps the hips and lower back supported and relieves joint pain, all the while cradling the body. Side sleepers may get on better with the Plush option.

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid Mattress specs

Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foam, coils
Firmness (1-10): Cushion-Firm or Plush
Depth: 13.5 inches
Trial period: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price: From $1,259 at Leesa

The Leesa Chill Hybrid's edges provide the ultimate support whether you’re sleeping near the edge or sitting on it. Through our tests, we discovered that it also isolates motion well, allowing co-sleepers to remain undisturbed by their bedmate’s movements in the night. For the best Leesa mattress for motion isolation, read our Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress review.

Keep reading for more detailed information on how the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress fared during our three weeks of reviewing. If you're keen to try it yourself, you'll get 100 nights to test it out, with free returns if it doesn't work out. (If you decide to keep it, your purchase will be backed by a 10-year warranty.) 

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Price & trial

  • An upper mid-range mattress with a 10-year warranty
  • On sale most months with a queen for $1,399
  • Comes with two free pillows for added value

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress is part of the just-launched Leesa Chill series, comprising four mattresses. The Oasis Chill Hybrid is the second-most affordable option. A queen retails for $1,699 but a permanent sale price of $1,399 places it in the upper mid-range category of mattresses on the wider market. There's a great Cyber Monday mattress deal on this too (which rolls over from the Black Friday mattress deals)

Below you’ll find the pricing for all sizes of the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress, along with what you can expect to actually pay: 

  • Twin MSRP: $1,259 (normally sells for $1,049)
  • Twin XL MSRP: $1,319 (normally sells for $1,099)
  • Full MSRP: $1,559 (normally sells for $1,299)
  • Queen MSRP: $1,679 (normally sells for $1,399)
  • King MSRP: $2,039 (normally sells for $1,699)
  • California King MSRP: $2,039 (normally sells for $1,699)

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid comes standard with free shipping and returns, two free pillows, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. Paid upgrades include a cooling mattress protector plus mattress set-up and removal service. A $50 discount is available for military, first responders, nurses, medical providers, teachers, and students with proof of identification. 

As always, keep your eye on mattress sales to get an even better price for the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid, especially during major holidays like Black Friday. 

See the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid from $1,049 at Leesa

See the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid from $1,049 at Leesa
The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid is a six-layer mattress that comes in two levels of firmness so you can find something to suit your sleep style. Temperature regulation could be much better, given this bed's MO, but it excels when it comes to edge support and motion transfer (at least for the Cushion-Firm model). You'll get a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, along with two free pillows.

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Design

  • A 13.5-inch hybrid mattress with six layers
  • The cover and top foam layers are packed with cooling tech
  • Uses CertiPUR-US certified foams and a fiberglass-free fire barrier

Review image shows the different layers inside the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Leesa)

All Leesa mattresses are assembled upon order and made in the US. The six-layer Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid is intended to provide as many cooling properties as possible for cooler, more relaxed sleep. Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses are more breathable and better at temperature regulation than all-foam mattresses, which is made quite clear in our best hybrid mattress guide.

The cover has cool-to-the-touch fibers to wick heat away and maintain a skin temperature of 88 degrees while you sleep. The top-most foam layer is quilted and infused with gel to provide cooler sleep while resisting body impressions (aka – indents). This is followed by a copper-infused memory foam layer to keep the mattress both cool and free from bacteria. (Copper is a known anti-microbial.) Beyond that is an adaptable memory foam layer that helps the mattress bounce back immediately when weight is removed from it. 

Below those foam layers is a coil system atop a durable base foam layer. The coils are reinforced along the edges, as well as in the center of the mattress. The reinforced center zone prevents your hips from sinking to keep your spine aligned for proper hip and lower-back support.

Take note that every foam layer in the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they're free from toxic chemicals and low in VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for better indoor air quality. There's also a fiberglass-free fire barrier.

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Support & comfort

  • Comes in Plush or Cushion-Firm – we tested the Cushion-Firm
  • We rate the Cushion-Firm option a 6/10 on the firmness scale
  • Hugs and cradles the body, with excellent hip and back support

Our lead reviewer Alex lies on the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid to gauge how comfy it is in different sleeping positions

(Image credit: Future)

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid comes in two comfort levels: Plush and Cushion-Firm. What follows is our experience sleeping on a queen-sized Cushion-Firm version of this mattress.

The first time our primary tester, who is 5’5” and 180 lbs, laid on top of the cushion-firm Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress, they immediately relaxed into the luxurious and cradling surface. There is no doubt that this mattress is comfortable, and that ‘Cushion-Firm’ is a good description for the feel of this mattress. 

When we placed a 15lb. dumbbell in the center of the mattress, it sunk half an inch. We also received a second opinion from a more petite tester who prefers sleeping on their back and side and rated this mattress a 5.5 on the firmness scale. Our primary tester – who has tested about 20 mattresses – rated it a 6 out of 10.

Rather than sinking in, the body remains fully supported, especially along the hips, making it a great back and stomach sleeper mattress. (Meanwhile, the Plush version may be a better fit for anyone seeking a cushy mattress for side sleepers.) The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid doesn’t mould or contour to your body shape, but it provides a hug-like experience, all of which work together to relieve pressure and joint pain. 

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Performance

  • Does well at isolating most movements
  • Poor temperature regulation (especially for a cooling bed)
  • Edge support is strong around the perimeter 

We tested a queen-sized Cushion-Firm Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress for three weeks in October 2023, when nights were between 60-70 degrees F. In addition to our reviewer personally sleeping on the mattress, they conducted a variety of tests to determine its performance in relation to temperature regulation, motion isolation, and edge support. Here's what we discovered during the review process...

Motion isolation

Motion isolation test review image shows a large black weight placed near a wine glass on the surface of the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid

(Image credit: Future)

Motion transfer determines whether a mattress is able to isolate the movement of one person so that the other person in the bed is not disturbed by it. To evaluate this, we put an empty wine glass in the center of the mattress and dropped a 15lb. weight 4,10, and 25 inches away from it. 

We were happy to see that the results were standard among other top-quality mattresses. The wine glass may have toppled when the weight was dropped at 4 inches, but it only swayed at 10 inches and remained rooted in place at 25 inches. This tells us that those with partners will unlikely feel them get in and out of bed or move positions in the middle of the night.

Our reviewer confirmed that these test results would match a real-life sleep situation by having another person get in and out of bed and change sleep positions. Our tester was impressed by how well the mattress isolated the other person’s movement. 

Score: 4 out of 5 

Temperature regulation

Review image shows our lead mattress tester placing her hand on top of the Motion isolation test review image shows a large black weight placed near a wine glass on the surface of the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid to see how cool it feels after sleeping on it

(Image credit: Future)

The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress has a hybrid design loaded with specialty foams and a top cover woven with cooling fibers – all meant to create a comfortable sleep environment. Despite this, our tester who sleeps neutrally, awoke many times hot and sweaty.  

Testing occurred in October when the nights were 60-70 degrees and the inside of the house remained below 72 degrees. Our tester slept under a light comforter and sheets and had the fan on, but even so, she found herself consistently getting warm at night. The Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid was not as breathable as expected, which disrupted her sleep. 

Score: 3.5 out of 5 

Edge support

The two outer rows of the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress’s coil system are higher gauge coils for stronger edge support. To test this, our reviewer placed a 15lb. dumbbell on the edges of the mattress. It sunk half an inch and remained in place. This is common among mattresses with quality edge support, and the fact that the edges didn't sink lower than the center of the bed is a very promising sign. 

Plus, our reviewer did not feel the edge dip when she lay near it and felt completely supported getting in and out of bed when sitting on the sides to push off. 

Score: 5 out of 5 

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Delivery and setup

  • The mattress comes vacuum-sealed, rolled and boxed
  • Free shipping, with an option to pay for set-up and removal
  • No noticeable off-gassing smell with our test unit

Leesa ships the Oasis Chill Hybrid as a typical bed-in-a-box, rolled-up and vacuum-sealed delivered right to your front door. Each mattress is assembled upon ordering so it can take 5-9 business days for the mattress to be put together before it's shipped. 

Shipping is free, and while the brand doesn’t offer a white glove service upgrade, there is a set-up and old mattress removal service option. For a fee, Leesa will send the mattress to you. You’ll have to bring it indoors and wait for their local partner to arrive within 7 business days to set up the Leesa mattress and remove your old one. With this option, you could be waiting up to three weeks to have your new mattress set up and ready to sleep on.

For our testing purposes, our reviewer set up the mattress on her own by removing the plastic and letting it unfurl on her platform bed frame. We didn't notice any off-gassing smells and it seemed to inflate within 20 minutes. Leesa says that full inflation can take an hour and that it might take a few days for the mattress to fully firm up. Our reviewer slept on the mattress that first evening and didn’t notice any significant change in feel over the next few days. 

Leesa Oasis Chil Hybrid mattress review: User reviews

We wish that we could provide a full breakdown of customer reviews to help you in your purchasing decisions. However, at the time of writing this piece, there are only two reviews relating to this mattress, which is no surprise since the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress is part of the new Chill line. 

Unfortunately, we can’t see both reviews on the Leesa website. We were able to find one of the reviews on Google; it also mentioned that the mattress’s cooling properties were lacking. 

You can keep an eye out for more reviews on Leesa, Google, or other sites like MattressLux.com and Better Mattress, where this particular mattress is sold. The reviews should roll in over the next few months. 

Should you buy the Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress?

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid review image shows the mattress unfurled and placed on a bedframe ready for testing

(Image credit: Future)

Back and stomach sleepers won’t be disappointed with the Cushion-Firm Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress. The top layer cradles and hugs the body, while keeping the hips supported – at least that was the case with the cushion-firm mattress we tested. Go for the Plush option if you're a side sleeper.

Co-sleepers will be plenty happy with its motion isolation, and all sleepers will notice the reinforced edge support that makes getting in and out of bed easier and prevents slippage when sleeping too close to the perimeter. The only drawback to the mattress has to do with its cooling capabilities, which are supposed to be its reigning feature. We’re not sure why the mattress is lacking in this area, but it might warrant adding the cooling mattress protector to your order. 

While the price is a bit steep, you won’t be disappointed with the feel of the mattress. Remember, if you aren’t satisfied, you can always return the mattress for free thanks to Leesa's 100-night trial. 

Leesa Oasis Chill Hybrid mattress review: Alternatives to consider

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