Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 design leaks reveal an important change — here’s what we know

Galaxy z Flip 6 Render leak
(Image credit: SmartPrix & @OnLeaks)

A recent leak has revealed both images and a video regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 6 months ahead of its launch. These leaked images were originally revealed in an exclusive by SmartPrix, in collaboration with known tipster @OnLeaks.

The leak is comprised of a selection of 5K renders and a 360-degree video of Samsung’s upcoming flipable phone, in a similar manner to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 images they revealed earlier. The video in question gives us a good view of the overall look of the phone, including the main screen which is reported to be approximately 6.7-inches.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 front rotation

(Image credit: SmartPrix)

We can also see the power button, which doubles as the fingerprint sensor, and the volume control. There are two antenna bands on the top of the phone and the speaker and USB-C port at the bottom, which is a pretty standard setup. 

Meanwhile, the “back” of the phone shows off the 3.4-inch cover screen with the dual camera setup alongside a flash. This would mean the prior rumors about the cover screen increasing in size were incorrect. Meanwhile, the images show off the Samsung branded hinge, which appears to be very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 5

galaxy Z Flip 6 back Gif rotation

(Image credit: SmartPrix)

The leak gives a good idea of two color options for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6. The video shows off the lavender color, which appears to be very similar to the prior model’s violet color.

Meanwhile, the images show off the green option. For the most part, both phones resemble the prior model almost to a tee. However, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 does appear to be slightly thicker, which may be to hold the rumored larger battery.  

Galaxy Z Flip 6 2nd render

(Image credit: SmartPrix & @OnLeaks)

The leak does not cover any internal specifications, but the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will likely feature the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip as the Galaxy S24 line. This should provide a boost in performance but also result in longer battery life which could help the Z Flip 6 find a high spot on our longest-lasting phone list.

However, we still have very little information regarding the apparent inclusion of the patented "iron flex". But the Galaxy Z Flip 6 appears to be keeping with Samsung’s design philosophy at the moment by keeping the overall design of the prior phone model with only a few changes and improvements.

We do not know if the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will have access to the same Galaxy AI features as the Galaxy S24 series to help cover for the lack of any major hardware change. 

We will only be able to confirm most details when the phone is officially announced, which we expect to happen around July with a potential August release date if Samsung maintains its own trends. We will update you as soon as possible so keep your eyes peeled for more. 

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