iOS 18 supported devices: Here are all the compatible iPhones

iOS 18
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If you are looking to download the latest version of the iPhone software, iOS 18, then these are the devices that you’ll need to download the next generation of iPhone OS.

According to the recent preview, you will be able to download iOS 18 on the following models:

However, if you want to get the most out of the upcoming Apple Intelligence features, then you will need the A17 Pro chip, meaning either the Phone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max

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iOS 18 offers several amazing new features, including a wealth of new customization options, including moving widgets on the home screen to wherever you want. Users will also be able to change the color options for the home screen, including setting a new dark tone on all widgets on the home screen.

Apple isn’t just changing the customization options. Users will be able to lock and hide certain apps, protecting them from prying eyes. Not to mention changes to the messages with new tap-back options, scheduled messages, and even the option to add new text effects. Users can remain in contact with their friends and family with new satellite communication options in messages, which include end-to-end encryption.

Meanwhile, if you have access to compatible phones, you'll have access to Apple intelligence, which brings a wealth of updated features for the iPhone. These include changes to Siri that make your assistance more powerful and intelligent. The updated Siri can integrate with apps and even has access to ChatGPT to bring you all the suggestions and information you need.

Apple intelligence will also allow you to generate images with prompts, adapt drawings in Notes, and even create your own emojis, or Genmoji, as they are now called. It will also recognize your writing style. recreate your handwriting and offer suggestions for tone and context. It can also easily summarize emails and notifications, meaning you'll never be overwhelmed again. All of this will be free on release for compatible devices.

While you will need the latest phones to get the best features, there is plenty on the older phones to be excited about with the update. It will also bring the same set of security updates that help to protect your phones from the latest security threats and viruses.

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