ChatGPT is coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac — what you need to know

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The rumors were true, ChatGPT is coming to your iPhone later this year — as well as your iPad and Mac devices. To be specific, GPT-4o support will be built into Siri and Apple’s system-wide writing tools. Letting you take advantage of OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot without having to download and use a standalone app.

Using ChatGPT on Apple devices all sounds like it’ll start with you trying to do something with on-device AI features. Like asking Siri a question or composing some written content. If the system, thinks ChatGPT will be able to help, it'll ask if you're interested.

If you're asking Siri a question, for example, Apple’s assistant will ask you if you’re ok with your request being sent to the chatbot. You the have the choice to agree to that request or say no.

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As for the writing tools, you’ll be able to send ChatGPT prompts so that it can compose written content based on whatever you asked for. This feature also lets you generate your own custom images without having to navigate to a different window or tab.

Apple announced that you’ll be able to ask questions with images, such as those times you need to identify an object or plant, or ask the chatbot questions about one of your documents, PDFs or presentations. However there was no mention of GPT 4o’s voice or vision features beyond image recognition.

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Asking permission is the core part of this whole system, because it means ChatGPT won’t get access to any of your data or questions without your consent. Apple also made it very clear that you won’t need a ChatGPT account to utilize these features, and none of the requests will be logged or saved on external servers. So while it’s not on-device AI, it sounds like Apple is still doing what it can to ensure your privacy is protected.

The basic ChatGPT features will be freely available to everyone, However anyone with an existing ChatGPT subscription will be able to log in and access the more advanced paid features within the Apple ecosystem.

Right now ChatGPT is the only AI model Apple is integrating into its ecosystem, but it may not be that forever. While specifics plans weren’t revealed, Apple did say that support for other AI models would be coming at an unspecified point in the future.

ChatGPT will arrive on Apple devices later this year following the release of iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia.

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