New Google Pixel 8a leaks showcase an AI-powered device with durable design

Four colors of Google Pixel 8a.
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The leaks keep rolling in for Google’s Pixel 8a ahead of the midrange device's likely launch this month. This time, it's a whole product page that confirms a lot of the Pixel 8a speculation that we’ve already heard over the last few months, while adding a few new details. 

Up to now, we’ve been gifted the potential Pixel 8a specs, the phone's pricing details, and would-be color options. Even details about Google's support plans for the Pixel 8a are floating around out there.

The latest leak, shared by 9to5Google, was spotted on Twitter from regular tech leakmonger Evan Blass. He shared an entire product page for the Google Pixel 8a in response to some minor beef on X (Twitter). 

The pages confirm that the 8a will be coming out in black, white, blue and mint. The new detail here is confirmation that the backs of the phones will feature a matte finish, which had first been hinted at in some hands-on images from a few weeks ago. 

The leaked product pages reveal that some portion of the Pixel 8a is made from recycled materials. We’re not sure which bits are actually recycled but the wording on the page makes it seem like it's the matte back of the phone. 

Additionally, the phone will feature Gorilla Glass 3 on the display. The page lists the 8a as having IP67 water-resistance, describing the phone as the most “durable Google pixel ever.”

We can see Google’s on-going AI push with several of the leaked pages promoting AI tools for photo editing, Circle to Search and the Gemini AI assistant. Of course, this was a bit expected since the 8a appears to be adopting the Tensor G3 which is also in the Pixel 8 flagships released last fall.

Google’s integration of Fitbit into the company’s devices seems to be continuing apace. This leak shows that customers who buy the 8a will also get six months of Fitbit Premium free. The service costs $9.99 per month or $80 a year, and Fitbit generally only provides a three-month free trial, so this would be a nice bonus for Pixel 8a owners. Previously, the service had only been available on the Pixel Watch.

We’re pretty sure that Google is going to announce the Pixel 8a during the upcoming Google I/O conference on May 14. That’s less than two weeks away, enough time for a few more leaks to drop.

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