Google is making it easier to add custom ringtones for contacts — here's what you need know

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Google has started to roll out a new custom ringtone option that allows users to easily assign each contact with its own sound.

This was first noticed by leaker Mishaal Rahman. In a post shared on X, he revealed many users have seen a new “Contacts Ringtones” page in version 4.27.26 of the Google Contacts app. Supposedly the page is accessed through the Fix & manage tab, although Google is slowly working to change that to the new Organize tab instead.

Once in the correct menu users can select the new option, which will then take them to a different page. On this page, users can specify which ringtone they want to play for each contact. Alternatively, users can tap a link to return to the settings and change the default ringtone for their whole contact list. However, this feature isn't available for everyone and appears to be a server-side upgrade.

Google has been working to improve the means of assigning specific ringtones to users since December 2023. We originally saw a ringtone option in the Fix & Manage tab, but it appears that the menu was still under construction at the time as most of the options have vanished over time and even the menu itself has been renamed. It is still possible to add individual ringtones manually, but it is something of an effort. 

This update comes shortly after the March Google Pixel feature drop, which brought a host of new features to Google's devices. One of the more requested features that Google dutifully delivered was the expansion of Circle to Search to both the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7a

The drop also saw the update to the Next Gen Call Screen function, which will help those lulls in the opening of conversations.

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This kind of change is one that many people might not notice, but it genuinely makes this better overall. It shows that Google is consistently working to improve and streamline its menus so that its customers have the best experience possible. 

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