This console cover made me love my big ugly PS5

Midnight Black PS5 console cover
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The PS5 is my primary gaming system and will likely remain so for the remainder of the current console generation. While I’ve complained that it still doesn’t feel like a proper “next-gen” console due to the abundance of cross-gen games, it's still an awesome system. I can forgive a lack of proper PS5 exclusive titles, but there’s something more insidious that’s bugged me since the console’s launch: Its garish white faceplates.

I was happy to learn that you could remove the faceplates. Unfortunately, no alternate faceplates were available when the system launched. Vendors like Dbrand released their own unofficial faceplates, much to Sony’s chagrin. I thought those particular faceplates looked good, but I’ve been burned by unofficial third-party accessories far too many times to try my luck with Dbrand’s product. I (patiently) waited for official PS5 faceplates, which were finally released on Jan 21.

Sony PS5 covers color options

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There are currently two faceplate covers to choose from: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black, both for $55 on the PlayStation Direct store. These covers match the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers released last summer. Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue faceplates are expected to arrive during spring of this year. I pre-ordered the Midnight Black console cover because I prefer all-black electronics and so that my PS5 would match the rest of my gear.

Thanks to the Midnight Black console cover, my PS5 looks better than ever. Yes, the PS5 is still an enormous hulking monstrosity of a console, but the new faceplates at least make it more pleasing to the eye. I’m not sure why black faceplates aren’t standard for the console considering all PlayStation systems since the PS2 have been black… at least in North America. I’ve always been jealous of the color variants places like Japan get, but I digress. Massive size aside, my PS5 doesn’t stand out as much as it used to… which is great.

Here are some more pictures we took in the office. That is one sexy-looking console if I do say so myself.

I doubt I'll swap out the Midnight Black faceplates for any of the other variants. As I said, I prefer black electronics. But the fact we’re able to switch between different faceplates is fantastic. If you’re so inclined, you can buy all available faceplates and use one that suits your current mood. I wouldn’t advise buying the entire line since faceplates currently cost $55, but if you’ve got money to burn, the option is there for you. But even that’s cheaper than buying an entire console just because it comes in a color you're fond of.

And I think that’s what’s great about swappable faceplates: The ability to affordably customize your PS5. Though you can’t completely deck out your PS5 how you see fit, removable faceplates give you some flexibility. I would have hated going through an entire console generation with those ugly white faceplates. The Midnight Black console cover can’t give me what I really want — namely a smaller PS5 — but this is a good enough middle ground.


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I’m looking forward to seeing what other color variants Sony releases in the future. Who knows, maybe the company will release another color that I absolutely need to have. But even if I never remove my current console cover, I’ll be perfectly content. As things stand, I’m very happy with my PS5 Midnight Black console cover. If you want to make your PS5 look presentable, you may want to consider getting it for yourself.

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