New PS5 DualSense controller colors confirmed — and we need them now

PS5 DualSense Controller new colors
(Image credit: Sony)

After a leak earlier this month teased that new PS5 DualSense colorways were on the way, Sony has officially confirmed the news in a PlayStation Blog post. The DualSense will be available in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red starting in June. 

As you might expect, Midnight Black decks the DualSense’s plastic shell in all black, while the Cosmic Red offering sports a dark red top half and the standard black bottom for a similar two-tone effect as seen on the regular white and black DualSense. 

Considering that the distinctive look of the standard DualSense was quite divisive upon its reveal last year, these new options will likely go down as a treat with PlayStation fans looking to add a fresh twist to their existing PS5 setup. In fact, we’re not sure which we like more, guess we’ll have to just grab them both! 

PS5 DualSense Controller red

(Image credit: Sony)

However, the entire PS5 accessory lineup (not to mention the console itself) is built around a white and black motif, so the Cosmic Red in particular will stand out if placed alongside the Pulse 3D headset or the DualSense charging station. The Midnight Black colorway would clash less. 

Leo Cardoso, a member of the design team at Sony, said: “We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, as well as the original DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console, so we designed the colors around the theme of ‘galaxy’ as it felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs.”

Sony DualSense Controller black

(Image credit: Sony)

Specific release information hasn’t been provided, only a vague release window of next month is included in Sony’s announcement post but Amazon’s listings have them shipping on June 18. In terms of price, the Midnight Black will cost $70 and the Comisc Red slightly more at $75. 

Hopefully, there aren’t major stock shortages on these controllers as there have been on just about everything related to the PS5 so far. Not only has the console itself become almost impossible to track down since its release six months ago, but even official accessories like the Pulse 3D headset and PS5 media remote have suffered from supply issues. 

If you’re still looking to secure a PS5 console then make sure to keep tabs on our PS5 restock guide, which contains all the latest stock information as we get it. Though maybe you’ll want to hold off until Sony releases an all-black console to go with the new Midnight Black controller? 

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