This PS5 controller trick is pretty sweet — if you can actually find PS5 stock

Sony PS5 Dualsense Controller
(Image credit: Sony via thegameawards YouTube)

The PS5 launch seems like a distant memory now — for those of you that managed to bag a console at least. But four months on, we're still discovering tips and tricks for the system, and that goes for the DualSense controller, too. For example, did you know you can mute the whole system with it? Neither did we!

This nifty little trick has come as a surprise, even with a full DualSense teardown revealing unexpected features like potential PS4 compatibility. The DualSense controller features a microphone, which is easily forgotten about, so if you're not already familiar with the mute mic button, we suggest you get acquainted. You'll find it just below the PS button. 

Spotted by The Verge, YouTuber My Mate VINCE shares how easy it is to mute your entire PS5 system using the button on your Dualsense. Usually, you just press the button to mute the mic, and it turns orange so you know your conversation isn't being transmitted to an entire lobby full of pre-teens. 

But if you press and hold the button down for a couple of seconds, you can also mute the PS5 system audio. The orange light will pulsate and your PS5 will stop making sounds, so you'll be able to tell pretty quickly if it's working or not.  

What's more, the system mute works even when you have a headset plugged in, so if you're in the midst of a gaming session, you can quickly mute everything if you need to. Once you're ready to give the PS5 your full attention again, just tap the mute mic button to bring back the sound.

At some point, someone really needs to sit down with the PS5 system manual so these features won't be secrets that are being stumbled across months post-launch, but until then, you can check out our list of top PS5 tips you need to know.

Shabana Arif

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