'The Marvels' streaming date: When will it be on Disney Plus?

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"The Marvels" has come and gone from theaters, so you're probably wondering when it'll come to one of the best streaming services. As with nearly all other Marvel content — and all TV shows and movies produced by Marvel Studios — it will eventually make its way to Disney Plus

And with the MCU having a bit of a rough time, it's reasonable to not want to spend theater money on a Marvel movie right now. While Loki season 2 ended on a high note, the reviews of The Marvels were mixed — though notably, audiences have enjoyed it much more than critics. So if you know that The Marvels is guaranteed to come to a streaming service, it's tough to blame you for waiting. And, given its unimpressive box office returns, it seems like many of you are definitely waiting.

Luckily, we now know when this superhero Marvel movie will be coming to streaming. Here's when you can expect "The Marvels" on Disney Plus.

When will 'The Marvels' stream on Disney Plus?

We already knew that "The Marvels" is currently available to stream on paid video-on-demand services, but now we know when the movie is coming to Disney Plus.

In a teaser trailer on YouTube, Marvel Entertainment announced that "The Marvels" will be released on Disney Plus on February 7, 2024

That's pretty close to the February 14 date we initially guessed based on the date the MCU movie will be available to buy on Blu-Ray and other physical media, which is February 13. Recently, Disney has typically released Marvel movies on its streaming service the day after the movie's physical media release. So we're admittedly a little surprised to see this date move up a week earlier than expected.

But this should be a pleasant surprise. As previously mentioned, this Brie Larson-led movie about a team of superheroes who can swap places across the galaxy didn't exactly cause waves at the box office. Nor, were critics effusive in their praise. 

But audiences ... well, the people who did see the movie seemed to enjoy it. Nobody claimed that it's on par with the best Marvel has offered in the past, but overall the consensus is that "The Marvels" is a fun, enjoyable movie with a refreshingly fast pace. So getting it on streaming a bit early is a win for those of us who have been waiting to watch at home.

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