The Marvels streaming date: When will it be on Disney Plus?

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The Marvels just hit theaters, but it'd be fair if you're already wondering when it'll come to one of the best streaming services. As with nearly all other Marvel content — and all TV shows and movies produced by Marvel Studios — The Marvels will eventually make its way to Disney Plus

And with the MCU having a bit of a rough time, it's reasonable to not want to spend theater money on a Marvel movie right now. While Loki season 2 ended on a high note, the early reviews of The Marvels have been mixed — though notably, audiences have enjoyed it much more than critics. So if you know that The Marvels is definitely coming to a streaming service, it's tough to blame you for waiting. Given its opening-weekend box office returns, it seems like many of you are.

Luckily, we have a pretty good idea of when The Marvels will be coming to streaming. Here's when we think you can expect The Marvels on Disney Plus.

When will The Marvels stream on Disney Plus?

As I already mentioned, we have a pretty good idea of when The Marvels will hit Disney Plus. While Disney has yet to make an official announcement, there's a lot of historical precedent that paints a fairly clear picture of what to expect.

First, let's take a look at Marvel's three most recent MCU movies and how long they took to hit Disney Plus. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was all the way back in Phase Four (we're in Phase Five now) and it had a three-month gap between its November 2022 theatrical release and its arrival on Disney Plus.

But that was Phase Four — what about Phase Five? Well, after Wakanda Forever, we kicked things off with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which drastically underperformed Marvel's expectations. But it too, followed the pattern of a three-month gap between the theatrical release in February 2023 and its Disney Plus arrival in May 2023. Ditto for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which did better than the third movie in the Ant-Man trilogy but still took three months to arrive on Disney Plus.

Okay, so clearly the MCU phase doesn't matter, nor the movie's success — or does it? Maybe since the flop of Ant-Man 3 Disney changed things up?

Well, we have a decent example for that too. Elemental, a Disney-owned Pixar movie, came out in June of this year and was not viewed as a commercial or critical success at first. But even then, Disney held to its three-month gap, with Elemental hitting Disney Plus in September 2023 following its June release date.

So clearly, Disney has a plan for its theatrical releases hitting Disney Plus, regardless of brand, even if it won't explicitly tell us. That means we can expect The Marvels on Disney Plus in February 2024.

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