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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 release date just leaked — here's when you can buy it

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will hit store shelves next month, according to a new leak from one of the most reliable tipsters.

That leak comes from Evan Blass and says that Galaxy Z Fold 2 preorders will begin on September 2, with a shipping and retail sales date of September 18. This is after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, which ships on August 21.

While announcing the foldable phone earlier this month, Samsung kept quiet about exact specs for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. But several upgrades are confirmed. There's a bigger 7.6-inch internal display this time around without an ugly notch, and the external display is now a much larger 6.2 inches. The internal display also gets a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling.

Samsung also says that it has made several design enhancement to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. This includes the addition of Ultra Thin Glass to make the main display more durable, the ability to open the screen at multiple angles, and an overall thinner design with a narrower gap between the two halves when closed. 

On the back there are three cameras - main, ultrawide and telephoto, with two selfie cameras, one each embedded in the internal and external displays. We don't know what the megapixels are going to be yet, but unofficially it's likely to be 12MP/12MP/64MP on the back like the Galaxy S20, and 10MP for the selfie cameras.

Inside the Z Fold 2 there's likely a Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset along with 12GB of RAM, 5G connectivity, and either 256GB of 512GB of storage. The battery will probably be around 4,300 mAh like the original Galaxy Fold, with either 25W or 45W charging.

At an expected price of over $2,000, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will not be a phone for the masses, but we look forward to seeing if all of the improvements add up to the best foldable phone yet. 

  • hazemfive
    Fold 2 socks, for the price I'm paying, it should be:

    - 100w fast charging (already manufacturers has this) with charger inside the box

    - 7 cameras (5 rear + 2 selfie)

    - 5500mah battery

    - Sapphire glass

    -Ttitanium/ceramic body

    - No any plastic components

    - Stereo dolby system 4 sides surround speakers

    - Wireless stereo headphones branded by Bose, B&O...etc (in the box)

    - Suede/velvet luxury case done by a well-known brand such as LV...etc

    And the phone must be made in South Korea factories ONLY.
  • hazemfive

    Not at all, specs too low compared to price, it should be too more (as per my main message), but it seems manufacturers such as apple, samsung, huawei and others are charging high costly prices comparing to the phones specs, they have very high profit margin!!

    This high end flagship must not exceed $500 for the specs given.