Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is official — but it’s got a major flaw

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We’ve seen the rumors, and now Samsung has finally made the Galaxy SmartTag 2 official. The new key trackers comes with a bunch of improvements over the original model, including a brand new design, but Samsung hasn’t fixed one of the SmartTag’s main weaknesses. That is, the Galaxy SmartTag2 will only work if you have one of the best Samsung phones.

That’s right. Unlike a Tile or one of the other best key finders, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 will only be of use if you already have a Samsung device. Which is a pretty baffling decision on Samsung’s part, since it artificially limits the number of people who will actually bother to buy your tracker. 

Apple does this with the AirTags, which you can kind of understand considering the popularity of iPhones and the fact exclusivity is the company’s whole schtick, but that kind of logic doesn’t work with Samsung. But hey, if you are a loyal Samsung customer, the other upgrades could easily be pretty appealing.

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(Image credit: Samsung)

The design is the main one, with Samsung ditching the fob-shaped design in favor of a more compact design with its own ring. That should offer a little more versatility in where you attach the tracker, compared to the tiny keyring-sized hole of the original. That design also includes IP67 water and dust resistance, which should make it a little more durable when it’s out in the world.

Because the last thing you want is to be stuck, unable to find your keys, because the tracker suffered some water damage.

Battery life has also been improved, with Samsung claiming an improvement of 50%. In real world terms that means 500 days of use, or 700 days in power saving mode. Improvements to Ultra Wideband support have added a “Compass View” which Samsung says shows your distance relative to the SmartTag 2 itself — and uses augmented reality to help you track it down. Provided, of course, your Galaxy has UWB support.

As for Bluetooth, Samsung is promising a range of 120 meters (393 feet). Finally a new pet walking mode will log walks with your dog, effectively turning it into a kind of doggy fitness tracker.

None of that really changes the fact that most people won’t be able to use the Galaxy SmartTag 2, which is the kind of oversight a company like Samsung shouldn’t be making. But if you like the sound of what you’ve heard, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will go on sale on October 10 for $30 — and is available in black or white.

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