Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 could be coming very soon — what we know

samsung galaxy smarttag 2 in black and white
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It’s been over two years since Samsung first released its Galaxy SmartTag tracker, and it sounds like a successor may be on the way very soon. After an appearance in the FCC database, which only happens right before launch, a leaked retail listing could have just revealed everything we need to know about the tracker.

The listing appeared on U.K. site MobileFun, and is still live at the time of writing. The page features an oblong shaped tracker, not too dissimilar from a Tile Pro, but with rounded edges and a much larger hole at the top. It also looks like black and white variants will be available. 

There’s no information on just how big the SmartTag 2 will be, but Android Police has images that suggest it won’t be enormous — though it is larger than an Apple AirTag.

The listing also states that the tracker will have both Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity, much like an AirTag. The latter will also power an augmented reality mode that lets you locate the tracker with much greater accuracy than Bluetooth and sound alone can offer. 

Unsurprisingly the page also says the SmartTag 2 will be compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature. Judging from the description this will also allow the device to connect with the SmartThings app on other devices, letting you hunt down its approximate location if you’re not in the immediate area. Just like every other tracker in existence.

What isn’t clear is whether the fob will be compatible with Google’s revamped Find My Device network, which is likely launching later this year.

Pricing wise, MobileFun claims each tracker will cost £43 each, which converts to around $54 but does include a 20% sales tax. That’s slightly more than the £40/$40 SmartTag Plus, which also included UWB connectivity. If this listed price is accurate, we can probably expect the SmartTag 2 to retail for no more than $43 — possibly less. But we won’t know for sure until Samsung actually tells us that information.

The site also claims that the SmartTag 2 will be in stock in two months, though again it’s unclear how accurate this information actually is. Samsung is scheduled to appear at IFA in Berlin next week, with a press conference on August 31. 

IFA is very focussed on smart home and gadgets, so it’s as good a place as any for Samsung to launch the SmartTag 2. Then again it also depends on when the company is launching the Galaxy S23 FE, which may be a better launching point for the new trackers. We will be on the show floor at IFA, so if anything actually happens you’ll hear it directly from us.

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