Samsung Galaxy Note 20 colors just leaked — and there's a big surprise

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come in five color options: grey, copper, and green for the Galaxy Note 20, and black and copper for the Note 20 Plus. 

At least that’s according to GalaxyClub, which claims to have been tipped off about the launch colors of Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone. Given the Galaxy Note 10 Plus came with a rather vibrant iridescent glass back, we’re expecting the Galaxy Note 20 Plus’ copper color to be rather striking as well. 

However, the other color options sound like they’ll be a little more pared down than those of the Galaxy Note 10, potentially positioning Samsung’s new phablet as a device for professionals compared to its smaller sibling. 

(Image credit: GalaxyClub)

Given the Galaxy Note 20 launch is expected to take place in August, these leaked color options may be the final ones we see if a few months. And thanks to a model number popping up on a Chinese certification database, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus has been all but confirmed, alongside key specs such as 5G and 25W fast charging. 

While the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is not mentioned explicitly by name, the model number lends a whole lot of credence to the leaks and chatter thus far that has two models slated for the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. The first will be the standard Note 20 with a 6.42-inch display with a punch-hole selfie camera and 120Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, the Plus model will have a 6.9-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and will use LTPO technology to vary the refresh rate in order to stop the display from sucking up too much power. 

Both handsets are expected to come with the new Exynos 992 chipset, with the Note 20 sporting 4,000 mAh battery, which is a hike over the Note 10’s 3,500 mAh battery. The bigger Note 20 Plus is slated to get 4,500 mAh pack of the Galaxy S20 Plus or the 5,000 mAh battery of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Note 20 Plus could also support a speedier 45W optional charger like that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, helping it fill up its battery at a faster rate. 

The Note 20 is expected to sport a similar triple rear-camera array to the Note 10 and Galaxy S20. Only the Note 20 Plus is expected to have a 108MP camera like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but with an upgraded sensor.  

All in all, the Galaxy Note 20 phones are shaping up to be solid, if not revolutionary, upgrades over their predecessors. And that’s no bad thing, as the Note 10 models are some of the best big phones around thanks to their impressive displays, excellent camera performance and S Pen capabilities.

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