PS5 secret weapon? New Sony VR headset confirmed

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

We know that PSVR – the PlayStation 4 VR headset – is compatible with PS5, but could Sony be working on something bigger and better for the upcoming console? A new job listing at Sony Corp in Japan confirms that Sony is indeed developing a new VR headset, but it’s not clear if this is a successor to PSVR or something entirely different.

Here’s the listing, via Edge’s in-built translation, so you can judge for yourself. “We are developing a head-mounted display for next-generation VR, and we are in charge of mechanical design of barrels and small and lightweight housings that support optical systems, heat dissipation design, and development of jigs for optical system evaluation.” 

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So this is for PSVR 2, right? Well, maybe. This listing is for the wider Sony Corporation, rather than the PlayStation-focused Sony Interactive Entertainment (the listing specifically mentions that it will involve work across the Sony Group), and another part of the job ad mentions that the project is “with a view to five years from now."

As Upload VR notes, the ad may be referring to a headset that could release 5 years from now or a device that's being released 5 years after the original PSVR, which launched in 2016.

Another possibility its that Sony is working on a standalone VR headset akin to the Oculus Quest – a VR headset that can be used without wires. An Oculus Quest 2 is reportedly in the works and could be released as soon as September. 

Regardless, a Sony PSVR 2 could still be in the works. What this listing does mean is that Sony is committed to VR in general terms. And given that PSVR has sold over five million units on PS4, it would seem a bit weird for Sony to be working on new VR products without considering the implications for PS5.

Alan Martin

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