PS5 Pro specs could leak soon — here's why

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PS5 Pro rumors refuse to quieten down, and while concrete details are pretty much nonexistent — after all, the upgraded version of the PS5 console has yet to be officially announced by Sony — we could be just days away from a seriously large PS5 Pro leak claims a reliable source. 

According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, Sony expects that the full PS5 Pro specs will leak before the end of the month. Henderson claims this is because third-party studios (i.e. studios not owned by Sony) are receiving PS5 Pro development kits, essentially a set of tools needed to create games for the hardware. 

While we cannot directly verify Henderson’s latest report at this time, he was a prominent leaker of the PS5 Slim and confirmed accurate details of the refreshed PS5 console months before it was eventually announced via the PlayStation Blog. Nevertheless, while the above should still be considered a rumor, Henderson has a strong enough track record that this update is certainly intriguing. 

If Sony is indeed at the stage where it’s delivering PS5 Pro dev kits to developers outside of the PlayStation family, then it's a strong indication that the console could launch in 2024 as previous leakers have suggested. Sony would also be aware of the potential leak risk that comes from distributing dev kits outside its stable of studios, and therefore could look to confirm the Pro console officially in the months ahead. 

Next year certainly feels like an appropriate time to release a PS5 Pro console. The regular PS5 will turn four years old in November 2024, which would be a logical halfway point for this generation of consoles. However, a release date sometime next fall would be a little later than what we saw during the PS4 generation. The PS4 Pro launched just shy of three years after the PS4 first hit the market, so the PS5 Pro is already lagging behind its predecessor. 

Of course, Sony has yet to confirm it’s working on a PS5 Pro console, and there is still the possibility that the Japanese company will opt to skip a mid-generation upgrade, especially as the transition between PS4 and PS5 has been unusually long this time around. Even this year major blockbuster games like Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 4 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage were released on both PS5 and PS4.

As we move into 2024, we’re hoping for a clearer picture of Sony’s plan for the PS5 Pro. But if what Tom Henderson claims is true, then it could be just a matter of days before we have a major leak that gives us a firmer idea of the PS5 Pro's power. 

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