PS5 Pro could be bundled with GTA 6 — but there’s bad news for PC gamers

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Editor's note: The GTA 6 trailer has been launched early — check it out now!

Next year could see the launch of two highly anticipated gaming products: the PS5 Pro and Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6). Even better, a fresh leak suggests the new PlayStation console and highly-anticipated sequel could be combined into a PS5 Pro + GTA 6 bundle. 

According to Alex Smith — a developer who previously worked at Sony-owned Bend Studio and indie-developer Ember Lab — PlayStation has secured the marketing rights to GTA 6. 

This doesn’t mean that the game will be exclusive to PS5, it’ll almost certainly launch on Xbox Series X as well. However, it means that GTA 6 will be marketed with a focus on its PS5 version, and Sony will work with developer Rockstar on cross-promotions. 

Smith claims that one of these promotions will be a PS5 Pro bundle that will likely include the (currently unannounced) console and a copy of the GTA 6 game. It’s not hard to see such a bundle becoming an instant bestseller as the demand for the PS5 Pro is likely to be high, and GTA 6 is a near certainty to become one of the best-selling video games in history. 

The former developer offers no details on pricing or a release date, and it’s also important to note that the above information should be considered unverified. For starters, Sony has yet to formally confirm the PS5 Pro, and while a GTA 6 bundle does seem pretty logical — Sony/Rockstar released a PS3 GTA 5 bundle in 2013 — until we get official word this should be classified as a rumor rather than fact. 

PC gamers might have to wait for GTA 6 

In the same social media post, Alex Smith also claims that GTA 6 will not launch simultaneously on PC and console. Instead, it will be released on PC a year after its debut on console. 

This would be a blow to PC gamers hoping to dive into the world of GTA 6 as soon as possible. However, Rockstar has a history of releasing PC ports at a later date. GTA 5 was initially released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013 but didn’t make it over to PC until April 2015. The same sort of delayed rollout was seen with Red Dead Redemption 2, which hit consoles in October 2018 and didn’t ride onto PC until November of the following year. 

A simultaneous release across all platforms would be very welcome, but that hasn’t been Rockstar’s style in the past, and that may not change with GTA 6. For now, we’ll just have to wait for its first trailer for concrete details. The good news is our first look at GTA 6 is scheduled to drop at 9 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. PT on Tuesday, December 5. 

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