OnePlus Watch 2 — what we know (and hope to see)

OnePlus Watch
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Is there a OnePlus Watch 2 on the way? As OnePlus prepares for the global launch of its new flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro, rumors of a next-gen companion wearable are heating up. 

OnePlus has a reputation for teasing upcoming devices ahead of any sort of official announcement. We knew about the first OnePlus Watch before it debuted, with the company promising one of the best smartwatches for OnePlus users would arrive soon. Though the final product ended up falling short of our expectations, it finally gave those with any of the best OnePlus phones an optimized smartwatch experience. 

A follow-up, the OnePlus Watch 2, has allegedly entered production in Europe in Asia. Although OnePlus hasn’t hinted at a new Android smartwatch yet, a second-gen OnePlus Watch arriving sometime in summer 2022 would establish an annual upgrade cycle that Samsung and Apple already use for their rival smartwatches.

So while we don’t anticipate seeing the OnePlus Watch 2 alongside the OnePlus 10 Pro, there’s every reason to believe it's in the works. Here’s everything we know so far about the OnePlus Watch 2, from a possible price and reveal date to what we hope to see.

OnePlus Watch 2 possible release date and price

It’s possible OnePlus will announce or tease the OnePlus Watch 2 during the OnePlus 10 Pro launch day event. The event is taking place on Thursday 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT. Here’s our guide on how to watch the OnePlus 10 Pro launch event live stream.

We believe it’s more likely the OnePlus Watch 2 is coming later this year. Not only did the first OnePlus Watch come out a few months after the OnePlus 9 Pro launch, but OnePlus has not alluded to a new smartwatch recently. As mentioned earlier, the company is known for teasing (and in some cases, completely revealing) new devices before they officially launch.

As for price, we’d guess OnePlus will aim for one of the best cheap smartwatches and keep the cost below $200. The first OnePlus Watch cost $159, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this price in place for the sequel. 

OnePlus Watch 2: What we want to see

If the OnePlus Watch 2 is truly coming soon, we should start to see more rumors about specs and features in due time. That said, we’ve already come up with some upgrades we’re hoping to see and what we think can make the OnePlus Watch 2 a more attractive alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and all the other best smartwatches for Android

Wear OS: The original OnePlus Watch ran a RTOS, or a proprietary operating system. It mostly got the job done, but we think adopting the new Wear OS would make the second OnePlus Watch significantly better than the first. Available on the Galaxy Watch 4 and coming to other Wear OS-eligible smartwatches soon, Wear OS has improved enough to become the Android smartwatch software of choice. With support for Google services, a passable app store and better fitness integrations, the OnePlus Watch 2 could thrive.

Great battery life: A major perk of the first OnePlus Watch was a 9-day battery life, which easily exceeded the best Apple Watch and best Samsung Watch battery performance we’ve seen. OnePlus usually excels with fast changing too. We’d like the OnePlus Watch 2 to maintain a competitive battery life estimate and juice up quickly.

Better health sensors: Fitness-tracking is essential to a good smartwatch. Last year's OnePlus Watch was far from being considered one of the best fitness trackers, with some inconsistent sensor readings and fairly basic metrics. Improved sensors would go a long way, since many smartwatch users want a watch that tracks their activity — and accurately.

We'll be sure to update this page as we hear more OnePlus Watch 2 news and rumors. For now, be sure to check out our smartwatch buying guide. And if you're here because you're interested in low-cost smartwatches for Android phones, we can tell you whether you should buy an Amazfit watch

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