Nintendo Switch Pro listing reportedly spotted on French retailer for €399

Nintendo Switch Pro concept design
(Image credit: Katarzyna Penar at Lightframes)

The Nintendo Switch Pro looks like it could be revealed very soon, after a listing for the console popped up on French electronics retailer Boulanger's website with a price of €399. 

Nintend'Alerts tweeted a screenshot of the retailer's listing that clearly details the Switch Pro and its Euro price tag. That roughly converts into $486, though that's ignoring European tax; we’d predict the Switch Pro would be closer to $400 in the U.S. 

While it’s important to take such leaks with a dose of skepticism, French publication Centro also said it had seen a listing for the Switch Pro. 

"We have received and verified a screenshot from a big retailer's internal system that shows a new Switch hardware-related listing will go live on June 4 (around midnight)," the publication reported. 

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This tracks with other leaks that the Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed ahead of E3 2021, which takes place next week. 

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We've already heard that the Nintendo Switch Pro could arrive this fall, so a reveal and potential pre-order listing ahead of September would seem logical. Furthermore, a listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro also popped up on Amazon, lending more credence to the theory that an upgraded Nintendo Switch is on its way.

Speaking of upgrades, the Nintendo Switch Pro is predicted to come with an OLED display that’s larger than the LCD panel on the current Switch. It’s also expected to deliver some form of 4K output. But whether this will be facilitated by a more powerful chip or some form of upscaling tech in a new dock has yet to be made clear.

Nintendo has kept seriously tight-lipped about the Switch Pro, seemingly ignoring any rumors and leaks around it; the furthest the company has gone is to note that there’s a “next platform” after the Switch, on an investor call. Whether this will be the Switch Pro or even the Nintendo Switch 2, isn’t clear.

But the Pro console will supposedly replace the current Switch, leaving just the upgraded hybrid console and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo’s various announcements and showcases around E3 have to reveal. There's a good chance the biggest gaming event of the year could come and go with no mention of the Switch Pro, though, with Nintendo instead concentrating on upcoming Switch games for the year. As always, time will tell.

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