Nintendo Switch Pro listing just popped up on Amazon

Nintendo Switch with larger display remix
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When an Amazon listing pops up for a Nintendo Switch Pro, it's all but certain that it'll be coming out soon. 

Twitter user @Alphabeat_g spotted a Switch Pro listing when perusing through Amazon's Mexico website. The listing showed a blank page with "New Nintendo Switch Pro" plastered up top and Nintendo listed as the seller. This further confirms a Bloomberg report claiming that the Nintendo Switch Pro be coming out this year, it will be announced before or during E3, to which pre-orders should start soon thereafter.

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been percolating for more than a year. It came to a head when Bloomberg was able to confirm that Nintendo had placed a large order with Samsung Display on OLED panels. Other reports have since backed up these rumors. 

According to that Bloomberg report, the Switch Pro will be priced higher than the current $299 Switch. Estimates range from $350 to $399. The latter price would put it on par with the PS5 Digital edition, which might be a tough sell for some as it likely would not have the same computational horsepower as Sony's console. 

In terms of features, Bloomberg has stated that it will be a 4K capable device, and that it may utilize Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which is essentially very smart AI-driven upscaling. It's likely Nintendo will include other enhancements, like increased durability, a less flimsy kickstand, Bluetooth and more advanced Wi-Fi support, among other smaller improvements. 

Another note which could be problematic for current Switch owners is that the Switch Pro might have exclusive titles. This tidbit comes from a proclaimed industry insider who posted about it on the ResetEra forums, as reported by IBT. Much like the New Nintendo 3DS, which had increased horsepower, there were a handful of games designed specifically for the hardware. So, considering Nintendo has adopted a similar strategy before, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Tom's Guide will continue reporting on Switch Pro developments as news trickles out.

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