Nintendo Switch Pro with OLED display could actually happen — here's why

Nintendo Switch Pro concept design
(Image credit: Katarzyna Penar at Lightframes)

Looks like rumors surrounding the potential Nintendo Switch Pro featuring an OLED panel haven't been unwarranted. 

That's because Universal Display Corporation, an OLED tech manufacturer, clearly referenced the much-rumored Switch Pro on an investor call, noting Nintendo's intention to implement an OLED display. 

"Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast of faster response times," said Steven V. Abramson, president and CEO of Universal Display Corporation. 

Spotted by Spawn Wave Twitter user, the transcript also referenced Samsung Display, which curiously enough comes after a series of rumors around the possibility that the next Nintendo Switch console will feature a 7-inch OLED display that would reportedly be made by Samsung

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 “[...] Samsung Display announced that it will aggressively expand its OLED presence in the gaming, smartphone and laptop markets,” reads the transcript. 

At the moment, Samsung is one of the many companies that has collaborated with Universal Display Corp on OLED technologies used in its flagship devices. 

Now we can't take it as official confirmation just yet, since Nintendo hasn't exactly confirmed any of the above. However, when so many rumors coincide with an investors call, it leaves us wondering if an official announcement is on its way.

However, Nintendo did recently tease the "next platform" after the Switch, which all but confirmed that the company is working on a new console. Though, it's unclear whether the console in question is an upgraded version of the existing Nintendo Switch console or if the company is planning an entirely new device. 

Another leak revealed what appeared to be a firmware code which seemingly confirmed that the Switch Pro targets 4K gaming in docked mode is in the works. Furthermore, we've recently spotted a new Nintendo patent showing that the new Switch Pro could feature improved Joy-Con controllers.

Sadly, even if Nintendo does go ahead with the new OLED display panel for its upcoming console, that panel is expected to be just 720p resolution, meaning no HD or 4K gaming in handheld mode.

With rumours increasingly swirling around the Nintendo Switch Pro, we would carefully forecast that some form of reveal could come this year. However, Nintendo is rather tight-lipped on its console plans, so there's still a chance that while the Switch Pro could be in the works, it might not get released for another year or so. 

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