Nintendo Switch 2 incoming? New dual-screen Switch just leaked

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo might be working on a dual-screen Nintendo Switch according to data gleaned by a security researcher in the console’s 10.0.0 firmware update. 

Mike Heskin, a self-confessed “reverse engineer and infosec enthusiast” did some digging into the latest Switch firmware update and found what he claims is “preliminary support” for a new model of Switch codenames ‘nx-abcd.’ Heskin claims that support is for a second screen. 

In a nutshell, this titbit of information could translate into Nintendo working on a new Switch that has a clamshell-like design that holds a second screen, much like the Nintendo 3DS XL

Such a simple codename might raise an eyebrow at how legitimate it is. But it does track with previous codenames Nintendo has used in its firmware, such as nx-abcb, which was the codename for the Nintendo Switch Lite. That’s not to say the new codename in the latest firmware guarantees a new Switch model, but it’s an interesting snippet of data to chew over. 

Nintendo has been making use of dual and second-screen devices for some time, with the successful Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds and the far less successful Wii U, which combined a TV console with a tablet gamepad. So creating a Switch with an extra screen doesn’t seem to be a left-field idea. 

Whether such a console would be a next-generation Switch or perhaps a form of next-gen 3DS with support for Switch games, isn’t clear. And given that the only hint of such a console is in the firmware, we don’t expect to hear much from Nintendo on a new Switch or 3DS-like console any time soon.  

Nintendo is selling a lot of Switch consoles at the moment, so much so that it can be quite difficult to find one on sale. So there’s arguably a lot left in the tank for the Switch’s lifespan, especially with games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons proving hugely popular at the moment. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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  • jlariviere
    Two screen Switch is an interesting idea. I wonder if instead of dual screen, it'll be one screen with the option to simultaneously output a screen, wired or wirelessly?
  • d0x360
    I highly doubt they will do a dual screen model. Perhaps for devs to test and see data on second screen but I think nintendo will keep the same form factor but I hope they add analog triggers because racing games on switch are awful.

    All Nintendo needs to do to make tons more money is make a more powerful switch and that would be easy. The current chip in the switch is from 2015. Newer variants are available. They could also add more ram.

    Honestly if they were smart they would switch to a ryzen laptop SOC. They should be able to maintain compatibility and they would get insane performance
  • Natanael_L
    jlariviere said:
    Two screen Switch is an interesting idea. I wonder if instead of dual screen, it'll be one screen with the option to simultaneously output a screen, wired or wirelessly?
    I can imagine two plausible solutions with an external screen;

    1: completely wireless, streaming a secondary image to the docking station via Miracast (or an equivalent protocol)

    2: tablet-like docking station that you can put on a table and still see the screen, with multiple options for the second-screen display, such as wired all the way or streaming to a Miracast / Chromecast style receiver.