New Loki TV series trailer promises to deliver something Marvel has never done

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A new behind-the-scenes video for the Loki TV series just arrived, ramping up our expectations for the Disney Plus series. And while most of the trailer is your standard fare, there's one line in this clip that actually has our hopes up for Loki to be the kind of show that shatters Marvel movie-and-show fatigue.

Right now, the MCU has seen a lot happen, so when Tom Hiddleston (Loki, of course) says "This is something that I don't think Marvel has ever done," in the trailer, our ears perked up. Owen Wilson (Mobius) followed that up by saying "It is very different," and with those two lines, the Loki series is getting some serious expectations.

Katie Herron, director and executive producer for the Loki series, says the show has "this really big story, with a mix of tones and genres," the kind of hype that makes us recall WandaVision and few other MCU properties. 

And while this clip gives us glimpses behind the scenes — including moments of Hiddleston and Wilson laughing on set — it's mostly about the cast hyping up the show. Hiddleston remarks that "The audience will be really excited," and that "it's awe inspiring," which don't do as much for us as the promise of something new.

And when the clip ends with Hiddleston saying "what did you expect?" It's the kind of moment that serves as both wink and nod to the audience. We're told to expect something new, but we also know this is a Marvel project. How much room have Hiddleston and company been given to create something new and unique? 

We've already seen reason for it to fit into the larger MCU storyline, with signs that this will be the first MCU project to debut the villainous Kang the Conqueror (who is set for Ant-Man 3). While we're ready for Hiddleston and co. to surprise us in unexpected ways, if Loki didn't have connective tissue to other Marvel properties, it would truly stand out. 

Also, the Loki series will only be a six episode run, so it's more likely to feel like a movie broken into chunks than either WandaVision or Falcon and Winter Soldier.

How Loki will be different

One noteworthy aspect of the Loki show is that we already know that this isn't exactly the true Loki. The true Loki was killed at Thanos' hands in the start of Avengers: Infinity War, and therefore wasn't brought back in Avengers: Endgame. This Loki is a variant (a word we see on his jumper) who came into the world from all the time-hopping chaos we've seen the character go on — including in Endgame, when he got the Tesseract.

This means that the Loki in this upcoming series may have some identity issues. But he's a more legitimate version of Loki than the Vision we saw in WandaVision —again, killed by Thanos and not un-snapped.

Loki debuts next week, on Wednesday June 9, only on Disney Plus. Episodes will be released on subsequent Wednesdays. 

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