Looking for the best Prime Day Galaxy S20 Plus deal? It's not at Amazon

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Scan our collection of the best Prime Day phone deals or even the best Prime Day Galaxy S20 deals, and you're sure to find a great price on one of Samsung's flagships. But if you want the very best value on a new Galaxy S20 model, you won't find it at Amazon. Instead, I would head over Verizon.

Big Red is selling the Galaxy S20 Plus at a discount too, provided you open up a new line with the carrier. But add a new line with Verizon, buy the Galaxy S20 Plus, and you can save $400 on the purchase of that normally $1,199 handset. That means you'll end up paying $799 once the bill credits are applied over 24 months.

Galaxy S20 Plus: Was $1,199 now $799 @ Verizon

Galaxy S20 Plus: Was $1,199 now $799 @ Verizon
Open a new line at Verizon, and you can save $400 on the Galaxy S20 Plus. Additional savings are available with a trade-in or if you open a second line and buy a second Galaxy S20 Plus.

Contrast that with Amazon's Prime Day sale, which includes lots of discounts on Samsung phones, not just the flagships. But the Galaxy S20 Plus gets a rather nice price cut at Amazon, which is selling the phone for $899. That's a $300 savings, and while that's nothing to sneeze at, I remember enough math from school to know that $400 is more money than $300.

The catch, of course, is that you can take the Galaxy S20 Plus to any carrier when you buy it through Amazon's deal and you get those savings right away. Still, if you're considering Verizon as your carrier of choice — and you should since we rate it as the best phone carrier — you can get big savings. Additional deals at Verizon let you get a second Galaxy S20 Plus wit $700 in credits when you open a second line or save up to $550 when you trade in your current phone.

I may be biased since I wrote the Galaxy S20 Plus review for Tom's Guide, but I think it's the best of the new flagships Samsung released this spring. It doesn't have the Galaxy S20 Ultra's staggering price, but it still offers plenty of top features like a big 6.7-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The 64MP telephoto lens impresses and the S20 Plus works with any 5G network, including Verizon's high-speed Ultra Wideband coverage.

That said, if you fancy Samsung's other Galaxy S20 models, Amazon's Prime Day deals will appeal to you. The Galaxy S20 is currently $250 off at Amazon as is the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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