Two Key iPhone 11 Features Killed (Report)

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Written down all your predictions about the iPhone 11 and its likely features in advance of the phone's unveiling at Apple's press event tomorrow (Sept. 10)? Better rip them up, because one of the most well-regarded Apple analysts just released his last-minute iPhone 11 forecast along with a couple features that reportedly won't be making the final cut.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tends to be the go-to source for what to expect from upcoming Apple products, thanks to his network of contacts throughout Apple's supply chain. The analyst just posted a new report less than 24 hours before Apple's Sept. 10 press event, and as recounted by 9to5Mac, reverse wireless charging and Apple Pencil support won't be found in Apple's latest iPhones.

Reverse wireless charging would have allowed you to charge other Qi-compatible devices just by placing them on the back of your phone. It's a feature Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Note 10 already support, so adding it to the new iPhone models seemed like a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, according to Kuo's new report, the charging efficiency of this feature wasn't up to Apple's standards. Commenting on the 9to5Mac report, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman — who has a strong reputation for getting the inside scoop on Apple releases — says he's heard the same thing.

In other Galaxy Note 10-esque features that apparently won't make it to the new iPhone, Kuo claims that the iPhone 11 Pro won't support the Apple Pencil, as some rumor mongers have suggested. (A case maker even produced an iPhone 11 Pro case sporting a pencil holder in anticipation of the new feature.) There's no explanation given for why Apple Pencil support isn't coming to the iPhone 11, but it's long-been anticipated by Apple watchers who would like to see the iPhone offer something similar to the Samsung's Note 10 and its S Pen stylus.

It's not all disappointments in Kuo's report. The analyst does expect the new iPhones to ship with a fast charger, at least for the 5.8- and 6.5-inch Pro models. (Sorry, those of you planning on getting the iPhone XR successor — that phone's sticking with USB-A, according to Kuo.) Fast-charging support out of the box would be a welcome change for iPhone owners, who've had to buy their own fast charger up until now.

Finally, all three iPhones will support ultra-wide band technology, a feature expected to improve the phones' ability to navigate maps indoors. It would also mean that all three new iPhones could support the object-tracking device Apple's rumored to be introducing alongside the iPhone 11, as that tracker reportedly relies on ultra-wide band connectivity, too.

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