iPhone 11 Will Ship with USB-C Charger (Report)

(Image credit: Future)

Apple will bundle a long-awaited USB-C charger that will offer fast charging for the iPhone 11, according to a new leak.

ChargerLAB, which shares details on the peripheral market, said in a tweet this week that Apple will bundle a USB-C charger instead of a Lightning-to-USC-C cable in the iPhone 11 box. 9to5Mac first reported on the tweet.

In the tweet, the site said that it was confirmed to them by a "high-level executive." It's unclear, however, who that executive was or how they know the feature is coming.

Over the past couple of years, as Apple's chief competitor Samsung has continued to invest in USB-C, Apple has shied away from it for the iPhone. The company has instead stuck to its Lightning connector, which charges devices far more slowly and requires adapters to work with USB-C accessories.

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However, there have been rumors that Apple would move to USB-C charging with its iPhone, especially in light of the company using USB-C in its Macs and introducing a USB-C charger with the iPad Pro last year. t's unclear whether the USB-C charger Apple might bundle with the iPhone 11 would be the same accessory as the one that ships with Apple's tablet.

The report doesn't say how fast the USB-C charger might be, but considering the Lightning charger is only a 5W device, it'll certainly be faster. Apple's iPad Pro comes with an 18W USB-C charger. Apple might follow suit with the iPhone.

That said, Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Note 10 with a 25W USB-C charger. And we saw very brisk fast charging in our Galaxy Note 10 Plus review; the Android phone reached an impressive 60% in 30 minutes and 33% in 15 minutes.  We'll have to see how high Apple can go.

We should find out for sure on September 10, when Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone. Until then, check out our iPhone 11 hub to learn everything there is to know about Apple's upcoming phones.

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