Apple iPhone 11 Event: Here's Everything to Expect

Apple Event September 2018
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Updated Sept. 10: Here's a final rundown of what to expect during Apple's event, updated with the latest rumors.

We're a few hours away from learning whether all those iPhone 11 rumors are on the money or if Apple has more smartphone surprises up its sleeve. Apple holds its annual fall press event today (Sept. 10), and the new iPhone is likely to be the star of the show next week.

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Apple's invitation for today's event, sent out Aug. 29, shows a modern take of the multicolored Apple logo of old. That's sure to fuel speculation about Apple's plans to add new colors to its iPhone lineup.

While it's certain we'll see the iPhone 11 lineup today,, that won't be the only thing Apple unveils on that day. From software updates to additional devices, here's everything we're expecting to see on stage when Apple kicks off the Sept. 10 press event.

When is Apple's iPhone 11 event? Date and start time

Apple will hold its fall product launch at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Cupertino, Calif., campus on Sept. 10. The event starts at 1 p.m ET/ 10 a.m. PT, and we'll be in the audience bringing you every last Apple announcement.

iPhone 11 event live stream: How to watch 

Apple will host a livestream of the iPhone 11 event on its Apple Events page, which you can view from a desktop browser or on your mobile device. If you've got an Apple TV, just head to the Apple Events app at the appointed hour, and you'll be able to live stream the event.

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iPhone 11: What to expect

The iPhone 11 figures to be the big draw at Apple's Sept. 10 event. And if you've been following the rumors that have been picking up steam all year, you likely know a lot about Apple's upcoming iPhone announcement (though at the 11th hour, it sounds like some feature aren't going to make the cut).

Apple is expected to announce three iPhones at this year's event, coming in the same sizes as the current iPhone lineup. Unlike in past years, all three new iPhone models are expected to arrive at the same time.

Apple could come out with a new naming convention for its latest iPhone lineup. The successor to the 6.1-inch iPhone XR will likely just be called the iPhone 11. It's expected to keep the LCD screen of last year's phone while adding a second rear camera.

iPhone 11 design

Could the next iPhone look like this? (Image credit: MobileFun)

Like all the new iPhones coming out this year, the iPhone 11 should be powered by Apple's new A13 processor. That CPU's expected to widen the performance gap between the iPhone and Android devices, as last year's A12 Bionic chipset has yet to be beaten on speed tests by the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855. The A13 will be complemented by a AMX or matrix co-processor, according to Bloomberg, which may help with AR apps. 

The more interesting changes could come to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5.-inch iPhone XS Max, which some insiders will make up Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro lineup. These phones are expected to feature three rear lenses, greater durability and multi-angle Face ID. The third camera will reportedly be an ultra-wide-angle lens. Some people are expecting the Pro phones to support reverse wireless charging and the Apple Pencil, but those features may have been scrapped (if they ever existed at all).

Apple's Sept. 10 invitation is going to fuel speculation about possible color schemes for the new phones. One iPhone 11 rumor suggested that Apple was planning a "rainbow" version of the device, where its colors would change subtly as you moved the phone in your hand.

So when will you be able to get your hands on a new iPhone? Typically, Apple starts taking orders the Friday after its launch event, with the phone reaching stores a week later. And that appears to be what Apple is planning to do this year, at least if a leaked memo provided to MacRumors proves accurate. That memo claims pre-orders will begin Sept. 13, with the phone going on sale on Sept. 20, which is inline with past Apple practices.

Look for prices to stay consistent with the current iPhone models, with the iPhone XR successor starting at around $749, and the Pro lineup available for $999 and up.

Apple Watch 5: What to expect

An Apple Watch update usually accompanies new iPhones — at least if we go by what Apple's done at recent fall launch events. The company is reportedly working on ceramic and titanium cases based on setup screens found in the latest watchOS beta.

watchOS beta screenshots hints at new cases.

watchOS beta screenshots hints at new cases. (Image credit: iHelpBR)

If Apple does come out with an Apple Watch Series 5, possible improvements could include better OLED screens and built-in sleep tracking. A new report suggests sleep-tracking will be built into the watchOS 6 update, though Apple would still need to improve the battery life on it watch since most people charge their devices at night at this point.

New iPad and iPad Pro?

Sometimes Apple gives the iPad its own launch event, sometimes Apple's tablet gets to share the stage with the company's smartphone. While it seems likely that any new tablets will likely make their debut in October, Apple certainly seems to be working on new iPads, according to a report in Bloomberg.

Specifically, Apple is said to have new iPad Pros in the works, with 11- and 12.9-inch tablets getting the same camera and processor upgrades that Apple's new iPhones will receive. Meanwhile, the low-end 9.7-inch iPad is set to be replaced by a 10.2-inch model, Bloomberg reports.

16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple might not stop with iPad when it comes to fiddling with device screen sizes. A new MacBook Pro is reportedly in development, and this model will offer a 16-inch screen, replacing Apple's current 15.4-inch offering. The laptop will reportedly offer much narrower bezels and possible a redesigned keyboard that ditches the controversial butterfly switch. 

As with the iPad, Apple tends to keep its laptop and smartphone announcements separate, so the new MacBook Pro could debut later in the year along with the new iPads. Some supply chain rumors suggest the 16-inch MacBook Pro could ship in October, setting the stage for another Apple product event a month after this Sept. 10 get-together.

AirPods, HomePods, Apple TV and other accessories

Apple AirPods 2019

Didn't we just see you, AirPods? (Image credit: Future)

Apple came out with a second-generation version of its AirPods earlier this year, so you would think that the wireless earbuds wouldn't be on the docket for the Sept. 10 event. That Bloomberg report claims Apple is working on a waterproof version of its AirPods that would also offer noise cancellation. But this set likely won’t launch until later.

As for other Apple audio products, we could see a smaller, less expensive version of the HomePod at the Sept. 10 event, as Apple tries to drum up more interest in its smart speaker. But we also see that as an announcement that will come later.

A tweet suggesting that an Apple TV refresh is in the works has sparked speculation that Apple could update its set-top box at the Sept. 10 event. It's been two years since Apple last released an Apple TV, and upcoming subscription services like Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ could benefit from new hardware.

One new product that could debut on Sept. 10 is an Apple key finder. A series of reports suggest that Apple is working on a device that will help locate missing keys, wallets or other objects similar to the top key finders made by the likes of Tile and Chipolo, only Apple's version will rely on ultra-wide band technology.

The rumored finder accessory will work with the revamped Find My app in iOS 13, which is combining the existing Find My iPhone and Find My Friends features currently found on the iPhone.

iOS 13 and macOS Catalina: What to Expect

The safest best you'll make about Apple's Sept. 10 event is that Apple will show off final versions of iOS 13 (including the iPad-specific version of iOS 13), watchOS 6, tvOS 13 and macOS Catalina. After all, Apple already previewed these updates at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

iOS 13 offers a host of new features including a dark mode, smarter battery charging, and enhancements to existing apps like Photos, Maps and Reminders. The iPad-specific version of iOS 13 ushers in tablet-focused improvements for multitasking, the Home screen and the ability to plug in a mouse, among other changes.

MacOS Catalina is getting rid of iTunes but ushering in new apps via Project Catalyst, which should make it easier for iOS app makers to build Mac versions. (Expect plenty of demos on Sept. 10.) Likewise, watchOS 6 is introducing independent Apple Watch apps along with a smartwatch-specific App Store; the Activity app picks up new features, too. Even tvOS is not to be overlooked, as Apple adds multiuser support and integration with subscription services like Apple Music and Apple Arcade.

One of the only remaining questions about these multiple software updates is when the final versions will be available to download. If the past is any guide, it will be a few days after Apple's Sept. 10 event, though it wouldn't be surprising for some updates to drop just as soon as the event wraps up.

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