iCloud passwords come to Google Chrome with Apple's official extension

icloud password manager chrome
(Image credit: Apple)

When looking for one of the best password managers these days, you’re basically spoiled for choice. Apple users will know that the iCloud Keychain can store all your saved passwords, and it’s about to get even easier to use.

Apple has just released an official iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome, meaning you can access all your saved passwords from your browser. Even if you’re a Windows user, because the extension is available on Windows and Mac.

This extension was accidentally revealed last week, with an update to the Windows 10 iCloud app promised a new feature described as “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension.” It seems that update may have been sent out a bit prematurely, because such a feature didn’t exist a week ago. But now everything has caught up.

If you’ve ever used Safari to automatically generate a secure password, then all will be available here too. Likewise, any passwords saved in Chrome will sync to your account, and will be available on Safari, iPhone, and iPad.

As it is with other devices, the iCloud Passwords extension will offer up a relevant saved password to make it easier and faster to log in.

The extension is available to install right now over at the Chrome webstore, and is compatible with Chrome for Windows and Chrome for Mac. And yes, like most Chrome extensions, it also works with Microsoft’s Edge browser, so nobody is being left out of this release. Well, unless they use Firefox. 

Tom Pritchard
UK Phones Editor

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