How to watch Survivor season 45 online: Release date and time

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor season 45
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Are you ready to outwit, outplay, and outlast? Because it's almost time to watch Survivor season 45 online. Like clockwork, the long-running CBS reality competition is returning with a new set of castaways ready to brave the elements, form alliances, and play their way to the top.

Survivor 45 release date and time

Survivor season 45 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (via Fubo or Paramount Plus)
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The prize, as always, is the title of Sole Survivor and a cool $1 million. It's enough to make anyone want to don a colorful buff and betray their newfound friends, honestly. 

Host Jeff Probst returns once more this season to issue challenges, hand out immunity idols, and round players up for some of the tensest tribal council meetings yet. It's familiar territory if you've been watching over the years, but as usual, there are likely to be plenty of twists and surprises that 

Survivor season 45 will feature 18 new contestants, including the return of season 44's Bruce Perrault. He's getting another shot after being forced to leave the island due to an injury early on in the game. As for the other castaways, they'll be hitting the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji for the first time. 

Here's everything you need to know to watch Survivor season 45 online. Scroll down for a full list of contestants.

How to watch Survivor 45 from anywhere

Just because CBS isn't available everywhere doesn't mean you can't watch Survivor season 45 if you're away from home. Watching the show along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy with the right VPN (virtual private network). You can stream the show from wherever you go.

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How to watch Survivor season 45 in the US

In the U.S., viewers can watch Survivor 45 premiere Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

CBS is a local broadcast network that can accessed with one of the best TV antennas or through a cable TV package.

If you've already cut the cord and don't have cable, you can watch CBS on a live TV service, like Fubo TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

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You can also watch your local CBS station's live feed with Paramount Plus with Showtime ($11.99/month). 

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Paramount Plus with Showtime

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How to watch Survivor season 45 in Canada

Canadians can watch Survivor 45 at the same time and date as Americans. It's broadcasting Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global TV and also streaming on the Global TV streaming service.

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How to watch Survivor season 45 in the UK and Australia

Paramount Plus is available in the UK and Australia. However, it's unclear when Survivor season 45 episodes will become available. 

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Survivor season 45 cast

Survivor 45 cast

(Image credit: CBS)

Meet the cast of Survivor 45:

  • Austin Li Coon (26), grad student from San Jose, CA 
  • Brandon Donlon (26), content producer from Sicklerville, NJ 
  • Brandon "Brando" Meyer (23), software developer from Oak Park, CA
  • Bruce Perreault (46), insurance agent from Warwick, R.I.
  • Dee Valladares (26), entrepreneur from Havana, Cuba 
  • Drew Basile (23), grad student from Birmingham, MI
  • Emily Flippen (28), investment analyst from McKinney, TX
  • Hannah Rose (33), therapist from Woodbridge, CT
  • Jake O'Kane (26), attorney from Hanson, MA
  • Janani Krishnan-Jha (24), singer from San Francisco, CA
  • Julie Alley (49), estate attorney from Brentwood, TN
  • Kaleb Gebrewold (29), software sales from Port Coquitlam, Canada
  • Katurah Topps (35), civil rights attorney from St. Louis, MO
  • Kellie Nalbandian (30), critical care nurse from Weston, CT
  • Kendra McQuarrie (31), bartender from Haverhill, MA
  • Nicholas "Sifu" Alsup (30), gym owner from O'Fallon, IL 
  • Sabiyah Broderick (28), truck driver from Locust Grove, GA 
  • Sean Edwards (35), school principal from Lawrence, New Jersey

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