Battlefield 6 leaked images may have confirmed the game's name

Battlefield V
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It feels like there’s a fresh Battlefield 6 leak every week, but this one is arguably the biggest yet. 

Several screenshots from the game’s upcoming announcement trailer have found their way onto the web, and they confirm several rumors about the shooter's sixth mainline entry. Among the information confirmed by these images is the game’s setting — and the fact that it won’t actually be called Battlefield 6. 

These aren’t the first leaked Battlefield 6 images, and the screenshots do have a humorous (if very annoying) watermark over them. However, we can clearly see from them that the game will have a modern/slightly futuristic setting, a detail which has been heavily implied for several weeks now.

Battlefield 6 leak

(Image credit: DICE)

Furthermore, one of the screenshots is presumably of the splash screen at the end of the trailer and seemingly confirms the rumor that the game will be dropping the number from its title and will instead be called simply 'Battlefield'. This would perhaps indicate that it's being considered something of a soft reboot of the franchise, which would be welcome after the tepid response to Battlefield V.  

Battlefield 6 leaked images

(Image credit: DICE)

We would normally approach these screenshots with an extremely healthy dose of skepticism, however they were originally posted to Tom Henderson’s Discord (and then uploaded to Imgur) and the reputable leaker himself confirmed the legitimacy of the leak. He also took to Twitter to verify these screenshots aren’t an elaborate hoax.  

Granted, while Henderson does have a solid track record we won’t know for sure whether these images are genuine until the trailer is officially released. According to the Battlefield social media account, that should happen next month, as a not-so-cryptic tweet teased the reveal will be coming in June

EA Play, the publisher’s annual live event showcasing its upcoming titles, is also returning for 2021. The show is scheduled for July 22 and it’s a reasonable bet that we’ll get further details about Battlefield 6 — or rather Battlefield — there. A full gameplay presentation seems extremely likely and possibly even a release date as well. 

While nothing is technically official when it comes to Battlefield 6, beyond the fact that does it exist and is likely to launch this year, plenty of interesting tidbits about the game have leaked. These include the fact the game will be cross-generational, launching on both PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X, and that the game could have a “revolutionary” single-player mode — though another leak instead claims the game won’t have any form of single-player, so who knows on that one.

Execs from developer DICE have said Battlefield 6 will take “full advantage of the next-generation consoles and PC,” so you’ll want one to play this. If you’ve yet to secure a next-gen console, check out our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock hubs for the latest stock information for these tough-to-track-down machines. 

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