Battlefield 6 could kill traditional campaign — this is a huge change

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Battlefield 6 is shaping up to be quite the next-gen shooter, and things are about to get even more interesting with the revelation that players won't be tied to a single alliance. Apparently the nationality of your character will have no bearing on which side they fight for. You can fight for the USA, Russia, or both if the fancy takes you.

The two countries are superpowers in the upcoming title, which is reportedly going to be a next-gen exclusive. So if you haven't bagged a PS5 or Xbox Series X yet, there's likely not going to be a PS4 or Xbox One version headed your way. Responding to a Reddit leak, Twitter tipster Tom Henderson says Battlefield 6 players will actually be able to fight for whichever side they like.   

Responding to the leak, which suggests that the character nationality will be dependant on which superpower players choose to fight for, Henderson shot it down immediately. He went on to add:

"You're a group of individuals from fallen nations - You're free to fight to fight for which ever side you want. So in theory a Japanese soldier could fight for both the USA and Russia."

When asked if his tweet about choosing sides was in reference to the solo campaign, Henderson said, "I've not heard there's a campaign. What I originally heard on it was actually the plot," adding "Yes - You pick whichever side you want. The plot is that both USA and Russia will hire anyone who is willing to fight for them - As long as they have the skills to do so."

Henderson touched on the group which players are a part of in a blog post last month that revealed the title of the game, as well as the near-future setting. The campaign is described as "revolutionary" compared to past entries in the series. 

"The campaign will focus on you and your specialist unit, where you’ll be able to chose which superpower you fight for... there isn’t necessarily 'Axis and Allies' as you will be able to chose your own path. 

"Both the USA and Russia, who are the games only standing superpowers, will offer to 'recruit' your specialist team and their skills throughout the campaign, which will be a valuable asset to both sides. It would also appear like this year’s campaign is a co-op experience. "

We've yet to see the reveal trailer drop, although Henderson has apparently seen it (or at least segments of it) and shared sketches of some of the frames. Just this week, he intimated that the trailer is "probably a week or two away" and that we "should get teasers" in the run up to it, so stay frosty. 

Of course, none of this is confirmed — as Henderson himself highlights. The nuggets he's sharing are based on what he's heard so far, and may not be 100% accurate, so take it with a pinch of salt.  

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