Battlefield 6 leaked images show off tropical map and HUD

Battlefield 6 could see a return to Battlefield 3's present-day setting
(Image credit: Dice)

DICE has officially confirmed that Battlefield 6 is coming this year, and a pair of leaked images may have given us our first look at the upcoming online shooter in action. 

Coming by way of @Sian92984059 on Twitter the leak is of two fairly low-res screenshots that are reportedly taken from the game’s announcement trailer, which may be officially revealed later this month.

The first image shows a fleet of planes flying over a tropical island (with what appears to be a large explosion going off in the background), while the second is taken from within an aircraft's cockpit and shows a missile launch site. Crucially the second image appears to show off the HUD, giving us an indication of what we’ll be seeing when we actually play the game later this year. 

Usually, we’d not put too much stock in two rather blurry images provided by a user with little reputation, but this leak has been confirmed by Tom Henderson. As Henderson is a known insider when it comes to Battlefield 6, this leak suddenly becomes a lot more reputable thanks to his endorsement.  

In fact, Henderson literally sketched out the announcement trailer for Battlefield 6 previously, and these screenshots line up with sequences that the leaker posted about a couple of weeks ago. While we still advise taking such a leak with a dose of skepticism, there definitely seems a strong chance that these images are legitimate. 

These images would confirm a previous leak (again by Henderson) that Battlefield 6 will be set around a decade into the future. The game will be focusing on real-world technology, such as Boston Dynamics Mules (AKA robot dogs), rather than futuristic equipment like jetpacks and laser weapons as featured in some recent Call of Duty games. 

It’s also been rumored that Battlefield 6 will be skipping last-gen consoles in favor of taking full advantage of the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it could even launch on Xbox Game Pass according to persistent online whispers. The game might not even be called Battlefield 6, if Tom Henderson’s information is correct. 

Adding all this together and we know an awful lot about a game that has yet to be officially unveiled. It’s believed that we’ll get our first official look at Battlefield 6 this month, with DICE’s general manager even saying a reveal would be “soon." So we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait till we can confirm if all these leaks are in fact legit. 

In the meantime, if you're desperate for a Battlefield fix Battlefield 5 is coming to PlayStation Plus this month as part of its monthly line up of free games. Wreckfest and Stranded Deep complete the offering for May.  

Rory Mellon
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