Battlefield 6 leak just revealed setting — we’re going to the future

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A new leak has claimed Battlefiled 6 will drop the World War II setting of its predecessor and adopt a futuristic setting. 

The news comes from reputable leaker Tom Henderson, who published a newsletter stuffed with new details about the upcoming entry in the long-running shooter series. The leaked information includes the game’s setting, single-player campaign details, and even the news that the game won’t actually be called Battlefield 6.  

Henderson claimed that Battlefield 6 will have a future setting, but fear not if you’re not a fan of jetpacks — it will only be a slightly futuristic setting. The game will reportedly be set around 10 years in the future so expect advanced military robots, drones, and jets but not hoover boots.   

The game will also feature a supposedly “revolutionary” single-player campaign. You’ll be operating as a special forces team, being recruited by either the USA or Russia. 

There will also be support for co-op throughout the campaign. The last two Battlefield games focused on smaller vignettes known as War Stories, so it will be interesting to see if Battlefield 6 marks a return to a more structured campaign. 

Henderson referred to Battlefield 6’s online portion as “Battlefield 3/4 on steroids” and he also claimed there'll be a battle royale mode, which syncs up nicely with a previous leak that has been doing the rounds. He shot down the claim that Battlefield 6 will be a hub for previous Battlefield games, which was percolating on Reddit. 

Henderson also revealed that Battlefield 6 will drop the number and just be called “Battlefield.” This is definitely a move we could see DICE making if the aim is to soft-reboot the franchise this year. 

Henderson didn't give us any clues as to when the game might be released, but Fall 2021 seems to be the window currently being aimed for. We recently heard that Criterion, the developer of the Need for Speed franchise, has paused work on its next racing game to assist DICE in the creation of Battlefield 6. So fingers crossed the game doesn’t slip out of this year. 

The game is reportedly being developed with 128-player online matches in mind, so you’re probably going to want a next-gen system (or powerful PC) to play this one. Make sure to check out our where to buy a PS5 and where to buy an Xbox Series X guides if you’re struggling to get hold of the new games consoles. 

Another leak has claimed that Battlefield 6 will be officially unveiled in May. So we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see if these rumors are in fact correct and finally get a first look at the game. 

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