7 best robot vacuums of CES 2024

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra in living room
(Image credit: Roborock)

One thing is clear at CES 2024; AI is about to power up our smart home appliances from fridges to washing machines. Some of the best robot vacuum lineups are getting upgraded with new AI cleaning capabilities while entirely new models debut with expansive functionality. There's no shortage of innovation with new concepts from manufacturers like Eufy, Roborock, Samsung, and more.

I've rounded up the 7 most promising robot vacuums from the year's biggest tech show just below. These robovacs are designed to save you even more time throughout your day and clean even deeper than before. In addition to new smart app features, the models below make mechanical advancements in design and cleaning efficiency with additions like robotic arms.

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7 best robot vacuums of CES 2024

1. RoboRock S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock SS8 MaxV Ultra in white

(Image credit: Roborock)

The S8 MaxV Ultra is Roborock’s most intelligent hybrid robot vacuum and mop. It automates the entire cleaning process as it navigates each room and dodges obstacles. The robot automatically returns to its compact docking station to empty its dirt bin, refill its mop, and charge up its battery. On top of that, the base cleans itself and washes the mop with hot water then a blow dry to ensure everything is clean and prevent odors. This Roborock variant can even be connected directly to plumbing pipes to provide the robot with clean water and drainage without you having to fill up and empty tanks. 

Roborock's built-in AI powers a voice assistant, uses cameras to recognize messes then adjusts its cleaning settings, and avoids obstacles without relying on another device or the internet. Plus it supports the Matter protocol to work with any smart home ecosystem going forward. Hell, this gadget can even cruise around your house to act as a security camera or take video calls while you're away from home. But it's the S8 Max V's FlexiArm robotic arm that steals the show. This side brush extends and cleans corners effectively, while paired with a spinning side mop that will clean near edges. Corners and edges are the most challenging areas for robot vacuums to deep clean. 

The S8 MaxV Ultra will be available from Roborock for $1,800 this April.

2. Eufy Clean X10 Pro Omni

Eufy Clean X10 Pro on dock

(Image credit: Anker)

Eufy's 2-in-1 x10 Pro Omni robot vacuum packs powerful suction and plenty of mopping pressure to tackle messes that range from fine powder like flour to breaking up mud caked onto your flooring. Its new pentagon-shaped body and mopping pads rotate 360 degrees and are designed to fit tight corners. This flagship model also has its own maintenance base complete with a mop washer and dryer.

With that said, the x10 Pro Omni is stacked with self-care features and implements cutting-edge smart navigation and AI mapping for half the price of the Roborock above. Its "See Smart Obstacle Avoidance" technology recognizes over 100 different kinds of household objects, including toys, cables, shoes and even dog poop accurately. That's because it's powered by the same algorithm used by the car industry's autonomous driving technology. Additionally, the LED sensor ensures a smooth, accurate clean even when operating in dark or low-light rooms.

Although simple, one of the x10 Pro Omni's exciting new app features allows you to set up cleaning profiles. One example eufy showed off is "after dinner cleaning" whereby the robovac automatically cleans one particular area of the home, like a kitchen or dining room at a scheduled time. The Eufy X10 Pro Omni will be available on Amazon and Eufy.com on February 20, 2024 for $799.99.

3. Narwal Freo X Ultra

Narwal Freo X Plus docked

(Image credit: Narwal)

Narwal's new flagship Freo X Ultra is a smart robot vacuum and mop that's powerful yet operates quietly. Its 3.2L capacity can compress up to 60 days of dust inside of the vacuum itself. This is potentially going to be one of the best robot vacuums for pet owners due to its Zero-Tangling Floating Brush which captures 95% of hair without getting tangled up. Thanks to its aerodynamic engineering the brush strategically positions each strand to create airflows that prevent tangles. 

The Freo's onboard computer uses AI to power Narwal's DirtSense technology. This monitors water usage during mopping to identify heavily soiled areas on the home map. DirtSense tells the robovac to repeatedly hit these spots and can assess its performance based on the cleanliness level of the water. The robot thoroughly mops down troublesome areas until DirtSense sees the water readings improve.

The Narwal Freo X Plus ($469) has many of the same features as the X Ultra, save for the self-cleaning base station. Both models will be released on Narwal.com in March.

4. Eureka J20

Eureka J20 cleans spill

(Image credit: Eureka)

Eureka’s RollRenew Mopping System continuously keeps the Eureka J20 robot vacuum fresh while it cleans your floors. This technology works by spraying the mop with fresh water from five nozzles. While this keeps mops sopping wet, the scraper squeezes out the dirty water into an integrated 250ml wastewater tank — so that once the mop passes over your dirty floors, its surface comes back as clean as when it started.

This ingenious cycling belt and water tank system keeps the J20 wet yet clean at all times so that it can wash your entire floor. While it lacks cameras, the J20's precise laser navigation lets the vacuum quickly comprehend your home's layout and detect obstacles with ease. If your home has carpet the bot has an advanced ultrasonic carpet detection system that flips the mop over to a non-fabric side. Once it returns to its all-in-one base station its integrated ventilation system uses a built-in fan to ensure air circulation to keep it clean and prevent odor buildup. 

The Eureka J20's release information and pricing will be available later this year.

5. Deebot X2

Deebot X2 Combo on white background

(Image credit: Deebot)

The Deebot X2 Combo is Ecovac's first whole-home cleaning system that adds a handheld vacuum (with upholstery and multi-surface attachments) to the X2 OMNI robot vacuum, mop, and auto-empty station. This combines a closet's worth of cleaning tools into a single gadget to save space in your home. Unlike standard robot vacuums, the X2 ditches a round profile for a square design for edge-to-edge cleaning precision that covers 99.8% more ground surface in a single job. 

Its 8000Pa suction power rips through dirt and debris while the mop can scrub stains away and lift from hard floors to carpet. The X2 COMBO boasts all of the X2 OMNI’s navigation and smart home features, including an embedded navigation system for a greater range of motion, fast mapping, and faster response times. Its "True Detect 3D 2.0" technology scans and precisely avoids obstacles in your room. And like the Roborock it has a responsive voice control system and other smart home capabilities. 

With Matter 1.2 now available, the X2 COMBO will be Matter-ready out of the box, so it will work with any smart home ecosystem once certified. You can get the Deebot X2 Combo for $1,599 in March.

6. DreameBot X30 Ultra

DreameBot X30 Ultra on dock

(Image credit: Dreame Technology)

This robot vacuum prioritizes convenience above all else with its 7-in-1 function self-cleaning base station and option for a home water hookup. Its two built-in scrapers clean the base station as it enters and exits the dock. Meanwhile, the mop is washed and dried with hot air after each job.

Designed to be nimble and fit under step edges and doorframes, the DreameBot x30 has an expansive FlexArm that reaches as far as 4cm deep into nooks and crannies for a more thorough clean. The X30 Ultra uses intelligent 3D mapping and path planning smart navigation technology to create an efficient, customized cleaning route for every room. Built-in sensors work continuously while the robot moves to detect and avoid up to 70 types of obstacles, including cables, shoes and pets.

The compact X30 Ultra will be available for pre-order starting Feb. 28, 2024, in the U.S. via Dreame's official website and Dreame's official Amazon store with prices beginning at $1,699.99.

7. Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Samsung Bespoke robot vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is the company's first all-in-one floor washer that uses on-board AI to identify floor types, avoid objects, and spot stains on your hard floor or carpet. Once it’s detected a stain on a hard floor, it’ll travel back to its cleaning station to warm up its mop pads with high-temperature steam and water before returning to the mess. This heat pairs with high-speed spinning mops to scrub off the toughest of grime.

Once the AI detects carpets it automatically lifts the mop's attachments or removes and stores them back at the base. The self-emptying and cleaning charging base not only refills the bots tank but also steam washes the mops to keep them clean and prevent odors. Plus it also cleans and dries the mop as well.

This model is still in development with features subject to change. Its current model the JetBot AI+ retails for $1,300 for reference but lacks mopping capabilities.

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