CES 2024 — these are the 11 best AI gadgets so far

Flappie detects mice
(Image credit: Flappie)

Artificial intelligence is the buzzword of the year at CES 2024 and one area we’ll see it in full force is in the many gadgets set to be unveiled at the consumer technology showcase.

While the event hasn’t even fully ramped up yet, we’ve already seen an AI-powered home assistant from Samsung, a robot that can control your devices from LG and a cat flap that can detect mice and stop your feline friend from entering the house until it drops the rodent.

From industry giants like Siemens to startups like BrainChip, AI is opening new ways to engage and interact with smart technology. 

Computer vision is making appliances more useful and chatbot technology like ChatGPT is making gadgets more entertaining.

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The best AI gadgets so far

To get an idea of just how far spread this AI dominance of the consumer technology space has become, I’ve looked at some of the best AI gadgets so far.

An AI-powered bird feeder

Bird Buddy smart bird feeder

(Image credit: Bird Buddy)

Bird Buddy is a bird feeder with a difference — it uses artificial intelligence to identify which species of birds are visiting. Linked to an app, it provides you with a list of choices if it isn't entirely sure which bird is feasting that day. 

Bird Buddy can also provide a live video feed using the camera inside the feeder so you can watch for yourself and save clips and images of the visiting avians. 

The base model is $239 which is steep for a bird feeder with a smart doorbell inside and you'd want the solar panel roof for an additional $299 unless you want to charge every week.

Despite the cost our reviewer liked Bird Buddy in part due to a lack of ongoing subscription fee and high quality video.

The Flappie AI-powered cat flap

Flappie is the latest smart pet technology to embrace AI vision. The device has motion sensors and AI vision technology to spot when your feline friend tries to bring small animals into the house.

The Swiss startup says the AI-powered cat door isn’t perfect in every instance, but can correctly identify whether your pet has prey in its mouth in at least 90% of cases.

If the AI in Flappie detects a "gift" then it locks the door and won't allow the cat inside until it drops its prey. The company says the goal is to teach cats not to bring the creatures into the house.

One of the founders did admit that a clever cat could drop the mouse, get the door open and then pick it back up and make a run for it, but that on the whole, it should work.

It can also detect a microchip and ensure the cat only opens for a specific pet. It'll launch in the US later this year after an initial rollout in Europe.

LG’s home-patrolling AI robot

LG smart home AI agent robot

(Image credit: LG)

Announced before the event, the LG “Zero Labor Home” robot is a small device that can use AI vision technology to monitor pets and home appliances. 

It patrols your home for any issues, fixes what it can and where it can’t deal with it the cute little gadget reports the issue to its owners.

LG claims it can also read human emotions, and monitor your home environment — with temperature, humidity and air quality on the agenda — to ensure everything is as efficient as possible.

The bot is also capable of recognizing your face and voice, ready to meet you at the front door when you arrive home. Part security patrol, part butler, it can also manage and control your smart appliances.

Samsung's Ballie home robot

Samsung Ballie at CES 2024

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung's new Ballie robot is proof of its commitment to go "all in" on AI at CES 2024. The rolling robot has a built-in projector that can display content while it rolls.

The advanced AI in Ballie can greet you at the door but also come to you when you call to it. And it can project content when you ask it. 

It has built-in front and rear cameras to detect and analyze its surroundings and can even learn recurring user patterns to automate various functions.

AI-powered lights for gaming sessions

Govee smart lighting

(Image credit: Govee)

Smart lighting isn't a new thing, we've had LED strips able to react to the environment or bulbs linked to Alexa for some time. This year at CES it is getting an upgrade thanks to advances in generative and vision AI.

Govee is one of the companies involved in AI lighting, revealing its upgraded Gaming Sync Box Kit 2 and Neon Rope Light 2 at CES 2024. 

Linked to your gaming PC or console, its CogniGlow algorithm responds to what is happening in the game and adapts the lighting for a more immersive experience.

Lighting to monitor your mood

Nobi can monitor for falls

(Image credit: Nobi)

Nobi has unveiled its smart ceiling lamp that uses AI vision technology to detect and prevent falls, monitor health and even track activity patterns. 

It is being pitched as a tool for the senior living and mobility markets and will be available in the U.S. this year.

Lepro has also announced a new suite of AI-powered home lighting products that use natural language processing to analyze voice commands and tailor the lights based on what you ask, rather than having to set the tone in an app. 

They can also use facial recognition to analyze the emotional state of a user and change the lighting to match their mood.

Snore tackling smart pillow

Motion Pillow 3

(Image credit: 10minds)

The Motion Pillow has been given a wireless upgrade. This is a health technology device that claims to be able to improve sleep and tackle snoring. 

The AI-powered pillow includes a wireless device that monitors sleep sounds, detects snoring and activates airbags in the pillow to reposition the user's head.

The company says being able to move the head improves airflow and removes any disturbances in the nose without causing sleep interruption. 

The Motion Pillow is normally $699, a lot for a pillow and sound box. At the moment, during CES 2024 it has been reduced to $420 on the Motion Pillow website.

A mood-boosting smart mirror

BMind Smart Mirror

(Image credit: BMind Smart Mirror)

The Baracoda BMind is an AI-powered smart mirror that will not only tell you that you really are the fairest of them all, but improve your mood at the same time.

Using natural language processing to analyze the sentiment of whoever is staring at their reflection, it can provide affirmations and visuals to boost their mood. 

BMind's AI looks through expressions, gestures and tones, adapting to what it determines to be the mood of the user. It can then provide a light therapy session or a guided meditation session to manage stress.

It can also help you brush your teeth with an on-screen guide, analyze your skin and monitor the temperature in the bath water. Coming out in the U.S. later this year, it will be priced somewhere up to $1000.

Samsung fridge turned AI home hub

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI Refrigerator in kitchen

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has gone “all-in” on artificial intelligence across its phones and home appliances. This includes a new AI Family Hub+ technology that is designed to bring together different appliances.

it is initially being built into the new Bespoke 4-door flex refrigerator, unveiled at CES. This includes internal cameras and AI vision capable of identifying individual food items. It can then suggest recipes based on what you have in stock.

AI grill that can cook a steak in minutes

Seergrills Perfecta

(Image credit: Future)

Tom's Guide had the chance to see the SeerGrills Perfecta at CES 2024. This smart grill can ensure you get a perfect cook on anything and do so 10 times faster than other grills. With 360 degree cooking, it promises an even cook without the need to flip a burger or steak, according to the company. 

Perfecta uses dual vertical infrared burners to pulse and move horizontally, reaching as high as 1,652° F. The result is a high-tech grill that can cook a 1-inch ribeye steak in as little as 90 seconds and four chicken breasts in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

It uses artificial intelligence to monitor all aspects of the food, environment and cooking process. This includes the temperature and texture of the food.

Robot vacuum phone home

Roborock can phone home

(Image credit: Roborock)

robot vacuum maker Roborock has a new flagship vacuum and mp called the S8 MaxV Ultra that includes a voice assistant, robot arm and video calling functionality. 

Launching at CES 2024, the S8 MaxV can be controlled without the need for another device — just speak to it and tell it what to clean. 

The built-in camera allows for AI-powered obstacle avoidance in addition to ability to call its owner, or have the owner call in remotely.

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