How to get Disney Plus customer service

How to get Disney Plus customer service
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Trouble streaming the House of the Mouse? Time for Disney Plus customer service, and we've got everything you could need to know for getting through to the support team. No matter whether you want to talk to someone on the phone or would rather just live chat on a computer, the solution you're looking for isn't far away. And we just double-checked this number, and found it's still working (we've also got a list of what's new on Disney Plus, for you to keep track of while you wait for a support agent).

Disney plus customer service number

The phone number for Disney Plus customer service is (888) 905-7888.

If the phone number to the right does not work, clearly something's changed since I wrote this article. Use the steps below to get your problem solved — and get back to using Disney Plus, one of the best streaming services.

One fair bit of warning, though, and I'll remind you of this later, make sure to lower the volume on your phone before you make the call. When I tested this out for myself, a very loud bit of music from the Star Wars movies greeted me, and I felt annoyed and fortunate I had the call on speaker phone. While I didn't have this music pressed directly against my ear, it was still disarmingly loud.

Primarily, we know that most people looking for Disney plus customer service are aiming to talk to a real person on the other end of the line. That's why I called them myself, to test things out. 

I didn't have an issue of my own, though, so I merely apologized to Misha (who answered my call), and asked what her favorite thing to order at the movies was (something of a test to make sure she wasn't a robot). She replied "popcorn" and when I explained why I was calling, she chuckled and wished me a good day, just as I had for her.

How to get Disney Plus customer service

1. Go to the Disney Plus Help Center in your browser.

How to get Disney Plus customer service: visit the site

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2. Select your issue and scroll to the bottom of the following page. If it's not one of the suggested issues, search for it in the box at the top. You could just brute-force your way to the result of these menus, but there is that chance you could get the issue solved without going to an agent.

How to get Disney Plus customer service: select an issue related to yours

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3. Select Call Us. You could select voice chat, but we tried that. It's not a live agent, it's a virtual assistant. And (no offense to those bots) those have never ever been helpful ever. 

How to get Disney Plus customer service - call support

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4. Explain a little about your issue and select Call Us.

How to get Disney Plus customer service - click call us

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5. Call the number! 

You'll get that standard pre-recorded message, and phone tree with options for English or Spanish-language support, and then the options to ask for help about a number of different concerns. If the call is taking too long for you, you can press 2 for a callback when they're ready. 

How to get Disney Plus customer service - call the number

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It took me three minutes to be connected with a real person, but your mileage may vary. I was calling at around 3p.m. in the afternoon, and they might take more time if you're calling trouble at night, when more people may be using the service.

Still trying to figure out how to use Disney Plus? We've got all the answers, including details on how to set up Disney Plus Parental Controls.

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