KitchenAid just launched its new Espresso Collection — and it's impressive

The Kitchen Aid Espresso Collection
(Image credit: KitchenAid)

When you hear the name KitchenAid, you instantly think of the brand’s iconic stand mixers, with their bold colorways and sturdy design. But KitchenAid is known for far more than its classic kitchen appliance and sells everything from large refrigerators and ranges to smaller countertop appliances, like toasters and some of the best coffee makers.

KitchenAid’s latest Espresso Collection is designed for coffee lovers seeking a sleek at-home coffee station where you can select your favorite beverage at the push of a button. The new range consists of three fully automatic espresso machines and one semi-automatic machine, with prices starting from $699.

So whether you want to make an espresso like a barista or create a barista style coffee bar in your kitchen, one of KitchenAid’s new espresso machines could help you do just that.

Be a barista with KitchenAid’s new semi-automatic machine 

KitchenAid’s semi-automatic machine

KitchenAid’s semi-automatic machine (Image credit: KitchenAid)

KitchenAid’s semi-automatic machine, the KES6551, offers a more hands-on approach for the user. You’ll need to dose and tamp the grounds into a portafilter, before the machine pulls a shot. And, if you take milk, it is steamed and frothed manually using the steam wand on the side of the appliance before adding it into your cup. 

For ease of use, the machine also features an integrated burr grinder so that you can grind and go. You can also opt for either smart dosing or manual dosing. Smart dosing technology allows you to produce the ideal volume of consistency for one or two espresso shots. At the same time, the manual function will enable you to choose the exact amount of grounds needed. If you fancy being a barista, the KitchenAid KES6551 is now available to purchase ($699, KitchenAid).

KitchenAid’s fully automatic machines does the hard work for you 

The three fully automatic espresso machines eliminate most of the manual steps needed when operating the above machine, but do not remove them, giving you personalized options. Enjoy an Espresso, American, Latte or Cappuccino – there are plenty of recipes to choose from — the KF6 offers 15, the KF7 20 and the KF8 40+. 

The machines also allow you to select and personalize your favourite drinks, which can be chosen on the easy-to-use touch screen. And unlike the semi-automatic model, the milk is heated and frothed automatically, with no need to worry about how much milk to add. They also feature a removable bean hopper, making swapping or refilling your beans easy. As an extra function, the KF8 model features a plant-based milk mode to enjoy almond, oat or soy in your drink. There’s also a pre-ground coffee bypass chute — skip what’s in your grinder and get a change to something new. 

All four espresso machines are easy to clean and include a “Clean Me” notification — a reminder to maintain the machine so it performs at its best. And with KitchenAid, you can be reassured that these metal-clad appliances are built to last.

Sssshhh! If you prefer your coffee on the quiet side, the Espresso Collection has been certified by Quiet Mark as some of the quietest machines, meaning you won’t disturb your whole household when making a cup of Joe. 

KitchenAid’s Espresso Collection include the KF6 ($999.99, KitchenAid), KF7 ($1699.99, KitchenAid), and the top-of-the-range KF8 ($1999.99, KitchenAid), all available on

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