What is Surfshark Search and why should you use it?

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In a world that gets more and more digital, the risks that people face online are now multifaceted. This is why some of the best VPN services around are pushing their protection reach beyond a mere VPN software. 

Surfshark is one of those seeking to secure every step of your online journey. The top cheap VPN provider has extended its digital protection across four security tools: its own premium VPN, a data leak detection system, a private search engine and antivirus software. 

Surfshark Search represents the provider's response for a private and ad-free search engine able to prevent web tracking. 

You can get Surfshark One - the full security bundle - for what it works out to be around $3.98/£3.29 per month for a 24-month-long plan (or a touch less with the right Surfshark VPN promo codes).

But, is it worth it? Let's dig in. 

What is Surfshark Search?

Surfshark Search is a private, ads and trackers free search engine included with the security bundle Surfshark One. 

Built with the same privacy-friendly infrastructure in mind, the provider behind one of the most secure VPN services promises to never keep logs of your data nor record your search history. The private search engine also prevents web-trackers from snooping on you and disturbing your browsing experience. 

With Surfshark Search, you can also swap between regions for better search results - pick one yourself and get the results relevant to the location you want. What's more, you will always get a truly organic yet relevant search results. This means that the suggested sites you see will not change according to your search history, preferences or your real location.

Surfshark Search is powered by one of the best search algorithms, Bing API, to guarantee only the best results. Currently available only for desktop - either logging on your account or heading to s.surfshark.com - the provider is planning to soon integrate the Search tool onto all its range of applications. 

Why should you use Surfshark Search?

There are several reasons why you should consider ditching your data-hungry Google and start using a private search engine like Surfshark Search. 

1. Protect your online anonymity

If you are already using a VPN service to protect your data, it probably means that you have your online privacy at heart. However, every time you type your query on your Google Search bar, you agree to share lots of your personal information. Every keyword you look for, every website you visit: it's from these digital traces that an accurate profile of your online persona is built.

While using Surfshark Search, your anonymity will be secured as the software pledges not to record any of your data or online activities. As the company itself describes, "The real Incognito mode for searches you don’t want anyone to see."

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2. Prevent web tracking

As mentioned above, Surfshark Search is free from any advertisements pop-ups or any other types of trackers.  

Ads do not just disturb your online experience, but they can use really intrusive methods to better build your online profile. Some web trackers, even though invisible, might even follow your online journey from site to site, to collect more and more information about you. 

3. Improve your search results

As the engine doesn't record your search history or your preferences, Surfshark Search allows you to get only organic results. This means that these are chosen from your query, rather than browsing history. 

The results are still relevant, though, and can be tailored according to your needs. Contrary to popular search engine services that customize the results for your specific location, Surfshark Search gives you the possibility to select the region that most suits your query.   

Do any other VPNs offer its own search engine?

As mentioned above, many premium VPNs have now enlarged their offer to better shield users from online risks. ExpressVPN Keys, for example, is the Express response of secure password manager software. While, likewise Surfshark, Cyberghost offers its own VPN, Intego-powered antivirus, password manager and ID check tool all together with its security package.   

However, at the time of writing, Surfshark is the only VPN provider to have also added a secure and private search engine into its offer. 

Is Surfshark Search a deal breaker?

As we have seen, for really boosting your online anonymity, it is highly recommended to integrate the use of a private VPN with a strict no-logs policy alongside a secure search engine. 

And, Surfshark makes its offer four times stronger with its Surfshark One plan that can be yours for just a tiny monthly fee. With one subscription, you will have a powerful VPN, antivirus, search engine and data leak tool. This is advantageous if you are after a broad online protection, without the hassle to subscribe to several services.

However, if a good private search engine is the only tool you're after, there are some excellent alternatives on the market that do not require you putting your hands onto your wallet. 

One of our favorites, DuckDuckGo is a popular choice for those who want to safely browse the web, and it is completely free to use. Others include Startpage and Qwant

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