This new mystery thriller series is creeping up Netflix’s top 10 — and it’s 91% on Rotten Tomatoes

Yuyu Kitamura, Jayden Revri, George Rexstrew, and Kassius Nelson in Dead Boy Detectives TV show on Netflix
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When a show has crashed Netflix’s top 10 after being on the platform for only four days, you know it must be worth the watch. If it also scores a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, then it’s even better. While this review aggregation site doesn’t determine your own opinion, it can give a reliable indication of whether a new series or movie has gained approval from professional critics. One example currently creeping up on Netflix’s trending list is the mystery thriller “Dead Boy Detectives”. 

This show was recently added to the platform on April 25 along with the action movie “City Hunter”. Although “Dead Boy Detectives” hasn’t been on the streaming service long, it has gathered some positive reviews from critics and audiences around the world, causing it to surpass popular shows like “Killing Eve”, “The Upshaws”, and “Black Sails”, which were all lingering around the top most-watched. Currently (as of April 29), this new mystery thriller sits in the No.3 spot.   

If you’re wondering whether to watch this series, we can give you a quick rundown of what it’s about and the general ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.  

What is 'Dead Boy Detectives' about?

“Dead Boy Detectives” is a Neil Gaiman adaptation derived from the DC comics of the same name. It’s also in the “Sandman” universe, which means you'll probably see even more connections in future seasons. 

This supernatural thriller series focuses on two teenage ghosts Edwin (George Rexstrew) and Charles (Jayden Revri) as they solve mysteries on the other side. Think of murder cases to do with evil witches and even Hell itself. These two ghostly best friends team up with a clairvoyant named Crystal Palace (Kassius Nelson) to make the Pacific Northwest town somewhat peaceful again. 

Charles and Edwin, who turned into ghosts because they were murdered, find comfort in one another knowing they don’t have to navigate the afterlife alone. By solving supernatural crimes, they can also get to the bottom of their own misfortune. 

What the critics are saying about 'Dead Boy Detectives'

“Dead Boy Detectives” has racked up a pretty high rating after being on Netflix for only four days. As of April 29, the current Rotten Tomatoes score is 91% with various positive reviews from critics and audiences, but that is subject to change over the coming days the more people that watch the series. The audience score sits at 84% at the moment. 

Liz Shannon Miller from Consequence said: “Dead Boy Detectives shows us a new and improved evolution on the old CW brand, delivering something unapologetically queer, funny, sad, and engaging (with the added bonus of visual effects that feel like a definite step up).” 

Meanwhile, Hollywood Reporter’s Angie Han said: “Despite its gloomy-sounding premise, Dead Boy Detectives is the furthest thing from dour. Dark, sure; bittersweet, sometimes. But it’s never less than entertaining, thanks to an appealingly quirky lead cast and a cheeky sense of humor.” 

Of course, not every critic is going to love it. Katie Rosseinsky from the Independent believes that “Dead Boy Detectives feels a lot like an amalgam of bits and pieces that have worked for the streamer before, rather than a cohesive creation.”  

So, should you stream 'Dead Boy Detectives' on Netflix?

George Rexstrew, Kassius Nelson, and Jayden Revri in Dead Boy Detectives

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Yes, you should absolutely stream “Dead Boy Detectives” on Netflix if you want something entertaining and fun to watch. This new mystery thriller really plays into the genre with its supernatural tropes, such as ghosts, witches, phantoms, and mysterious figures that lurk in the shadows. 

Although season 2 of this hit show hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s a high chance it will be renewed due to how popular the “Sandman” universe is. More seasons will also allow these different shows to connect in unique ways. 

You can stream “Dead Boy Detectives” on Netflix now. If you need more content to consume, we also have a guide on the top new shows to stream this week, along with some of the best Netflix movies in 2024.  

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