This romantic comedy has taken the No.1 spot on Netflix — and it deserves to be there

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You
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Romantic comedies can be challenging to get right, especially with audiences and critics today being absolutely ruthless when it comes to this genre. However, one movie stands out from the crowd of dull romance flicks and humorless comedies, and that is “Anyone but You”. Right now it sits proudly at the top of Netflix’s podium, which is where it deserves to be after the mixed feedback it received upon its release in theaters.

“Anyone but You” landed on Netflix two days ago (April 23) and has now gained even more viewers on one of the best streaming platforms. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have overtaken the disappointing action movie “Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver” and the documentary “What Jennifer Did”, which actually stayed in the top spot for quite some time. 

However, despite this romance comedy snatching the No.1 place on Netflix, it hasn’t been a favorite for critics since it came out last year in December 2023. But if you’re wondering whether to watch it, I can give you an honest rundown of my thoughts. 

What is ‘Anyone but You’ about?

“Anyone but You” is a romantic comedy movie about two people who go from enemies to lovers, and although this is a classic romance trope, it works very well. Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell) have an instant connection when they meet in a coffee shop. But it’s not happy ever after when Bea overhears him insulting her, and so she leaves, only for them to be unexpectedly reunited again. 

With Bea’s sister getting married to one of Ben’s closest friends, the two must attend the wedding together in Sydney. To make the trip memorable for the wedding couple, Bea and Ben decide to fake a relationship to prevent other members of the family from getting frustrated. 

While being a fake couple seems easy at first, the lies and deceit won’t take long to show, and the ruse could also reignite buried feelings. 

‘Anyone but You’ reviews – what the critics are saying

When released in theaters, “Anyone but You” received mixed reviews. The current critics score on Rotten Tomatoes is 55% from 103 verdicts, but the audience score remains high at around 87%.

Drew Gillis from AV Club said: “No one goes into a movie like Anyone But You for realism, nor should they. The movie is made as fun escapism, and it succeeds at that,” which is a completely valid statement when it comes to romantic comedies. After all, they’re meant to be funny. 

Other critics have also agreed that “Anyone but You” stands out amongst other comedy flicks that haven’t done so well on the screen. Marya E. Gates from RogerEbert praised the movie because it “has the charm, wit, swoony romance, and, most importantly, star chemistry that has been solely missing from recent lackluster entries in the genre.” 

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then GQ’s Esther Zuckerman said: “Sweeney and Powell are delightful as well as smokin’ in this loose adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, one of the most charming big screen rom-coms in years.” 

Of course, not every professional critic is going to agree, and some comments are quite savage. John Nugent from Empire Magazine said: “The obvious chemistry and charm of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell counts for a lot, yet not quite enough, in a romantic comedy severely lacking in both romance and comedy.”  

Should you stream ‘Anyone but You’ on Netflix?

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

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The mixed reviews would put anyone off, but a score on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t always determine whether you’ll love or hate the movie. I saw “Anyone but You” myself and I can honestly say that Powell and Sweeney have an undeniable connection on screen. The teasing, tension, and slow-burn romance make it even better. 

“Anyone but You” is worth streaming on Netflix, and the fact it's currently No.1 proves that other people are loving it. Before going into the movie, remember that it’s a romantic comedy, and nothing is meant to be realistic or serious. If you fancy something lighthearted and fun, this movie should definitely be your next watch. 

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