Score! My favorite Roku is still $40 off after Prime Day

Roku Streambar with Prime Day deal tag
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Prime Day may be over, but there are still plenty of Prime Day deals still available at Amazon. You can save big on a range of Roku devices, including my own personal favorite — the Roku Streambar. Because no matter what TV I have or what smart features it offers, they can’t beat what Roku’s low cost soundbar has to offer.

Right now you can still get the Roku Streambar for just $89 at Amazon. That’s the same price it was for Prime Day, and saves you $40 on the regular $129 price. Which is a fantastic deal for a good quality soundbar that offers all the best of Roku’s streaming ecosystem in one device. 

Roku Streambar: was $129 now $89 @ Amazon

Roku Streambar: was $129 now $89 @ Amazon
Stream your favorite content in crisp 4K, HDR and 60 fps, while simultaneously improving the sound quality coming from your TV. The audio is surprisingly good for such a compact device. You can save $40 right now on the Streambar, but we would act fast.
Check other retailers: $89 @ Best Buy | $89 @ Walmart

The Roku Streambar is not the best soundbar you can buy, but it is one of the best cheap soundbars. I can speak from experience when I say it’s definitely better than the basic speakers built into your TV. As we noted in our Roku Streambar review, it has clear and loud sound, while maintaining that low cost and a nice compact design.

The streaming capabilities also mean you can connect the Streambar to your TV via a single HDMI ARC port. Roku’s remote also includes volume and power control for your TV, and a mute button. Naturally, it has voice controls as well, if you want them.

As for streaming itself, you have access to all the best of Roku’s ecosystem — with pretty much all the best streaming services you would want to watch. There are some ads, but it’s nowhere near as intrusive as you might find on other systems — like Amazon’s Fire TV OS.

The Streambar streams video content up to 4K resolution at 60fps, with HDR support for HDR 10 and HLG. Sadly, Dolby Atmos and HDR10+ aren’t on offer, in part due to the Streambar’s age. Then again, for $89, I can live with those trade-offs. 

If you’re looking for a good quality sound system, without the premium price tag, then the Roku Soundbar is definitely the one for you. I can speak from experience that it’s a great and simple way to expand your home entertainment system while taking your streaming needs into account.

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