My favorite wireless charger is on sale for Black Friday — grab a Pixel Stand 2 for just $59

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While I like to think of myself as pretty open-minded where new technology is concerned, there are some things that really bring out my luddite side. One of those things used to be wireless charging, which felt like it had way more drawbacks than benefits. But Google’s Pixel Stand 2 managed to change my mind., and it’s on sale for Black Friday.

Right now you can pick up the Google Pixel Stand 2 for $59 at Amazon. That’s $20 off the normal price, and means the charger is now actually a reasonable price. That’s specially important for Pixel owners because this is the only way to achieve the fastest wireless charging speeds.

Google Pixel Stand 2: was $79 now $59 @ Amazon

Google Pixel Stand 2: was $79 now $59 @ Amazon
Not only does this turn your Pixel phone into a miniature smart display, the Pixel Stand 2 is the only charger capable of unlocking 23W wireless charging on the Google Pixel 8 and other Pixel devices. That makes it a must-have for Pixel owners, no matter which model you actually have.

Price Check: $59 @ Best Buy | $59 @ Google | $108 @ Walmart

The Google Pixel Stand 2 has been around since the launch of the Pixel 6 series back in 2021, offering wireless charging speeds up to 23W for compatible Pixel devices — that’s Pixel 6 through Pixel 8, though other Qi-compatible phones can charge at much lower speeds. A maximum of 15W, though it may be lower depending on the phone you have.

The fast speed is one of my favorite things about the Pixel Stand 2, since it means there’s a way to add a bunch of power in a very short space of time. But in a way that’s slightly more convenient than finding a power outlet and tethering your phone to it with a wire. 

I was always wary of high speed wireless charging in the past because wireless charging isn’t as efficient, and produces a bunch more heat than wired charging. That’s especially apparent at high speeds, and lithium-ion batteries don’t really do well when repeatedly exposed to extreme temperatures. Thankfully the Pixel Stand 2 is one of those wireless chargers that compensates for this, and uses built-in fans to avoid that very problem. They can be pretty loud when charging is fastest. But I’ve found that you don't notice them the majority of the time.

But one of the coolest things about the Pixel Stand 2 is that it isn’t just a speedy wireless charger. It’s also capable of turning your Pixel into a miniature smart display while you’re charging. That means you can control your smart home devices (with help from Google Assistant), display a slideshow of pictures from Google Photos, or control music and podcast playback with a dedicated media interface.

I can tell you now, seeing your favorite photos slide past rather than a boring black phone display is a heck of a lot nicer. 

So if you have a Pixel phone, be sure to pick up a discounted Pixel Stand 2 while you still can. If it can change my mind about wireless charging, then it’s definitely going to make your life easier. Of course if you don’t have a Pixel, there are plenty of discounts to be found on those as well. Be sure to check out our list of the best Black Friday phone deals to see what’s on offer.

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