I’m a sleep writer with back pain — this is the Black Friday mattress deal I’ve been waiting for

The Saatva Rx mattress on a grey bed frame in a luxury bedroom with a black friday mattress sales tag overlaid in black
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The latest addition to Saatva’s impressive sleep suite is the Saatva RX, a mattress that has been touted as a luxury solution to back pain — and it’s currently reduced in the Black Friday mattress sales. While you would normally expect to pay $3,295 for a queen size mattress, you can save $400 on the Saatva RX with our exclusive discount, reducing the price of a queen to $2,945. Our discount will also save you $100 more on the smaller sizes of the RX compared to the general Saatva mattress sale offer.

Like the Saatva Classic, which consistently tops our best mattress guide, the Saatva RX is a luxury innerspring, so you can expect carefully crafted layers of coils and foam to support your sleeping position. The Saatva RX is geared specifically towards those with chronic back pain and ailments, such as sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis and joint pain. I suffer from niggling lower back pain and am prone to achy hips, so I fall well within Saatva’s target audience. 

Even when discounted, the Saatva RX is still an incredible amount of money — a luxury mattress of this quality will always command a premium price tag — but could be a worthwhile investment for those, like me, who will benefit from it. However, it’s not the only sleep solution for those struggling with back pain. The Saatva Classic is our pick for the best mattress for back pain, thanks to its customizable comfort levels and outstanding support. What’s more, a queen size Saatva Classic is currently $1,595 with our exclusive Saatva code

However, if — like me — you’re intrigued by the Saatva RX and wonder if the Saatva Classic could ever be topped for comfort, let’s take a closer look. 

Saatva RX Mattress$1,995$1,595 with our exclusive $400 saving

Saatva RX Mattress: from $1,995 $1,595 with our exclusive $400 saving
The Saatva RX was released in the summer of 2023 and already has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5, thanks to its targeted support for back and joint pain. However, a luxury mattress of impeccable quality will always command a premium price tag, and the Saatva RX is the second most expensive mattress is Saatva's impressive lineup. You'll get a 365 night sleep trial and free mattress white glove delivery, which is the set up of your new Saatva and the removal of your old mattress and foundation. 

What's the Saatva RX mattress like to sleep on? 

The Saatva RX is a 15” luxury innerspring comprised of a combination of coils and foam, which work together to provide an impressive combination of balance and support. During our Saatva RX mattress review, our lead mattress tester found that her back pain was immediately improved by sleeping on this mattress, thanks to its Saatva-patented lumbar crown. This is 1” strip of gel infused memory foam that sits towards the middle of the mattress. 

It also has sturdy edge support, which is incredibly important for those who suffer from joint or back pain, as it allows them to sit safely on the edge of their bed before standing. I find that if I wake with back pain, I need a moment to gather myself before putting weight on it, so a mattress that sinks or dips towards the edge is a big no-no. 

Saatva RX mattress photographed on our lead tester's wooden bed

This is the Saatva RX mattress our lead tester, Alison, slept on (Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

Unlike the Saatva Classic, with its customizable firmness options, the Saatva RX has one comfort level — ‘Supportive Plush’. Our tester Alison rated this as a 7.5 out of 10 for firmness, putting it on the firmer end of comfort. Alison found that this provided blissful pressure relief across her shoulders, hips, and knees, but flagged that smaller side-sleepers may find that they don’t sink into the mattress enough to garner any real relief. 

Other benefits include a 365 night free trial, so you can really test it out to see if it’s the right mattress for you. You’ll also get free white glove delivery, which means you (and your back) don’t need to worry about wrestling this heavy mattress up the stairs, plus the removal of your old mattress. I think that's a great deal.

Could a mattress topper help with back pain? 

Even when discounted, the Saatva RX still sits firmly in the premium price category. If you’re in need of relief from your back pain but don’t quite have the budget to stretch to an entirely new mattress, I'd suggest updating your existing mattress with a mattress topper instead. 

Our testers found that the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Adapt mattress topper is incredibly effective at relieving stabbing hip and back pain brought on by pregnancy, thanks to pressure-relieving technology. While you would normally expect to pay $419 for a queen size mattress topper, it’s currently 40% off in every size at Tempur-Pedic, which means you’ll only pay $251.40.  

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