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Father's Day Deal: DJI Mavic Mini + free spare battery for $399

DJI Mavic Mini deal
(Image credit: Future)

Let your dad take to the skies with the DJI Mavic Mini. As part of their Father's Day sales, a number of online retailers are offering DJI's smallest drone at a discount. 

For a limited time, Amazon has the DJI Mavic Mini Base Kitwith an extra battery for $399. That's a savings of $45. The base kit includes the drone, a controller, a set of spare propellers, microUSB cable, USB Type-C, and Lightning connectors, a set of spare control sticks, a screwdriver, and six spare screws. (Adorama and B&H Photo offer the same price).   

DJI Mavic Mini Base Kit w/ extra battery: was $444 now $399 @ Amazon
This deal for DJI's smallest drone includes an extra battery, so you can stay aloft for up to an hour. View Deal

The DJI Mavic Mini is at the top of our list on our best drones page for its low price, ease of use, and quality 12MP camera. Its resolution maxes out at 2.7K—lower than DJI's other drones—but it still captures sharp and stunning photos and video. 

The Mavic Mini's lilliputian size means you can take it anywhere, and its weight (249 grams) means you don't have to register it with the FAA. 

DJI says that the Mavic Mini's battery should last up to 30 minutes, and in our Mavic Mini review, it largely lived up to that claim. But, getting an extra battery for free is a deal you should jump at, because there's nothing worse than having to go back home and recharge the battery.

The Mavic Mini is such an easy drone to fly, your dad will get the hang of it in minutes, and it's sure to keep him entertained for days. However, this deal ends on June 20, so you don't have that much time to waste.