I've used dozens of iPhone wallet cases — here are my favorite ones for early Black Friday sales

Apple iPhone wallet cases.
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I cannot understand how there are still people out there who refuse to use a case with their iPhone. It boggles my mind, especially when you think about how much it costs to buy premier models like the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. While I’m a staunch supporter of cases, I’m most passionate about iPhone wallet cases.

That’s because of the extra utility they provide in holding onto my driver’s license, debit card, and perhaps a single bill for when I need to pay cash. I’m no longer forced to carry a separate wallet that I'd stuff awkwardly in my back pocket, which is one less worry for me.

Some of the earlier iPhone wallet cases I’ve tested sacrificed design for functionality, but that’s all changed in the last couple of years thanks to MagSafe — allowing the best iPhone wallet cases to look stylish in the process.

Now that the biggest shopping day of the year is less than a couple of weeks away, I want to share my favorite iPhone wallet cases to look out for with early Black Friday sales.

Best iPhone wallet cases to buy now

Apple iPhone wallet cases.

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Even before Black Friday gets here, there are several deals happening right now on some of the best iPhone wallet cases I’ve tested. You’ll find savings of up to half off, making these accessories great gift items for your friends and family. While the ones I’ve listed are specific to specific iPhones, they’re also made for other models as well. 

Spigen Slim Armor CS:  was $44 now $19 @ Amazon

Spigen Slim Armor CS: was $44 now $19 @ Amazon
If you don't intend to use MagSafe a lot, I like how the Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone wallet case integrates the card holder with the case, so you never have to worry about your cards going missing. There's also an additional 5% off coupon you can clip for more savings at checkout.
Price check: $44 @ Spigen

Vena vCommute:  was $49 now $34 @ Amazon

Vena vCommute: was $49 now $34 @ Amazon
I absolutely love the utility of this case. In addition to stowing multiple cards, I find it handy that the flap on the Vena vCommute's wallet case lets it double as a phone stand. The magnets in the flap are also incredibly strong.
Price check: $49 @ Vena

Spigen Valentinus:  was $49 now $29 @ Amazon

Spigen Valentinus: was $49 now $29 @ Amazon
Spigen's Valentinus is a simple iPhone wallet cases that attaches easily thanks to MagSafe. It does better than most iPhone wallet cases I've used because it's able to hold up to three cards.
Price check: $44 @ Spigen

ESR Magnetic Wallet (HaloLock):  was $49 now $45 @ Amazon

ESR Magnetic Wallet (HaloLock): was $49 now $45 @ Amazon
If you're paranoid about ever losing your iPhone wallet case, then check out the ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wallet. That's because it features Apple's Find My functionality, which essentially makes the wallet function like an AirTag in the event you misplace it.

Moft MagSafe Wallet Stand:  save 20% off w/coupon @ Amazon

Moft MagSafe Wallet Stand: save 20% off w/coupon @ Amazon
Sporting a sleek design that also tucks away a hidden feature, I like how the Moft MagSafe Wallet Stand lets me watch videos comfortably in landscape. Its only limitation is that it holds no more than two cards.

Puxnoin leather phone pocket:  was $12 now $8 @ Amazon

Puxnoin leather phone pocket: was $12 now $8 @ Amazon
You don't have to spend a fortune on an iPhone wallet case. The Puxnoin attaches with an adhesive to any iPhone, while still accommodating two cards. 

Lisen MagSafe Wallet:  was $49 now $27 @ Amazon

Lisen MagSafe Wallet: was $49 now $27 @ Amazon
n addition to stowing away your cards, I like the Lisen MagSafe Wallet because it doubles as a handy phone stand for watching videos on your iPhone, along with a ring holder to better hold the iPhone in your hand.

Best iPhone wallet cases to look out for

Apple iPhone wallet cases.

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Despite not having discounts right now, these are some of the best iPhone wallet cases I’ve tested. Not only do they offer the utility of accommodating more than one single card, but they’re also functional in many ways beyond just being a wallet. Furthermore, I love how some of them are stylish as well. While the ones I’ve listed are specific to specific iPhones, they’re also made for other models. 

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet:  buy now for $96 @ Amazon

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet: buy now for $96 @ Amazon
Out of all the iPhone wallet cases, it's the Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet that's the most stylish looking iPhone wallet case I've come across. The leather exterior gives it a sophisticated look, matched by the simple latch of the wallet cover.

Peak Design Mobile Wallet Slim:  buy now for $49 @ Amazon

Peak Design Mobile Wallet Slim: buy now for $49 @ Amazon
What's impressive about the Peak Design Mobile Wallet Slim is that it's able to hold more cards than any other MagSafe wallet case I've tested. The fabric material is able to accommodate a whopping 7 cards, which is more than 3x the average I find with other iPhone wallet cases.

Spigen MagFit Rugged Armor:  buy now for $25 @ Amazon

Spigen MagFit Rugged Armor: buy now for $25 @ Amazon
I really like the clean look of the Spigen MagFit Rugged Armor, which attaches magnetically courtesy of MagSafe. Also nice is the cutout on the bottom of the case that lets me push the cards out, which is much easier than pulling them from the top.

We include wallet cases among our recommendations for the best iPhone cases overall. If you're looking for a wider selection of case ideas, be sure to check our our guides for specific iPhone models.

And if you're looking for accessories that fit older iPhone models, you can find our best iPhone 14 case and best iPhone 13 case recommendations as well.

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