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Best iPhone 14 cases in 2022

best iphone 14 cases
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Get one of the best iPhone 14 cases, and you can put your mind to rest when it comes to damaging your new Apple handset. Yes, our iPhone 14 review found the new phone to be a durable device all on its own, boasting a Ceramic Shield front and tough glass back. But a good case adds an extra layer of protection — and adds other features as well.

The accessories that made our best iPhone 14 case rankings offer a variety of colors and designs. Some double as wallets or include kickstands, while others look to help you make a fashion statement. But all of the cases we feature offer some degree of drop protection, with a few hyper-focused on durability.

If you're looking for some added protection for your $799 phone, look no further than the options below. These are the best iPhone 14 cases we've seen so far.

What are the best iPhone 14 cases?

The truth is, there's no one top iPhone 14 case, as picking the best iPhone 14 cases comes down to your personal taste and style. However, if the choice were left up to use, we'd pick the Smartish Gripzilla iPhone 14 case, which balances protective features and unique designs to really stand out from the crowd.

The Spigen Liquid Air case provides the best value of any iPhone 14 case we looked at, thanks to its low price, while on the upper end of the pricing range, UAG's Monarch Pro delivers a high-level of protection. You can't go wrong getting your iPhone 14 case directly from Apple, which offers the iPhone 14 Silicone Case, and vena's vCommute is a multipurpose wonder with wallet features and a foldable kickstand.

What to look for in the best iPhone 14 case

The first thing to do when shopping for an iPhone 14 case is to make sure the case you're eyeing actually fits the iPhone 14. That may seem like an obvious thing to do, but bear in mind that Apple makes four different iPhones under the iPhone 14 name, and two of them — the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max — are much larger than the iPhone 14. Even iPhone 14 Pro cases may not fit the iPhone 14, despite both devices featuring 6.1-inch displays, because of the different-sized camera arrays. iPhone 13 cases may fit the iPhone 14, but it may not be a perfect fit due to changes in the volume and power buttons — best stick with cases specifically made for the iPhone 14 to ensure the best fit.

Always check the drop-protection listing for an iPhone 14 case, since preventing damage to your phone is the main reason to get a case. Four-foot drop protection is a good standard to shoot for, but some case makers promise more than that. 

Most of the other things to look for depend on what you want in the best iPhone 14 case. You may be looking for a particular color or a clear option that lets your iPhone's design shine through. You might also consider extra features like kickstands or slots to hold cash and cards.

How we pick the best iPhone 14 cases

We pick iPhone 14 cases initially based on word-of-mouth and customer reviews. We may call in cases at a later time for additional hands-on testing. When evaluating cases, we consider price, colors, protection and special features. Because phone cases are such a personal choice, we try to include a variety of styles to fit different tastes.

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