Google Chrome just got 3 big upgrades to make browsing easier — here's what you can do now

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Google Chrome search suggestions just received a significant update that’s rolling out to users today.

Google’s popular search engine isn’t difficult to use but you might not always know exactly what you’re searching for. Thanks to today’s (Feb 29) update, search suggestions receive three new features meant to “give you a boost of inspiration,” according to the company. Below, I’ll go into detail about each of these updates.

Search suggestions based on what others are looking for 

Google Chrome

A new tab opened in Chrome browser with the Google Search bar displayed, with “Japchae” as the top search result. To the right are additional suggested results titled “People also search for,” which includes other popular Korean dishes like Tteok-bokki, Bulgogi and Bibimbap.  (Image credit: Google)

When you open a new Chrome tab on desktop, you’ll now see suggestions in the search box corresponding to your previous searches based on what other Chrome users are searching for.

In the example Google provided, if you, for instance, search for the Korean dish “Japchae” then you might receive suggestions for similar Korean dishes like Tteok-bokki, Bulgogi and Bibimbap.

See more images for suggested searches 

Google Chrome

Chrome address bar on Android with the search results for uncompleted search “bohemian tab(le)” (Image credit: Google)

This update is for Android and iOS users. Before, Chrome only showed images for search suggestions in the address bar which matched a specific product you were searching for. However, what if you want a broader range of results and not anything specific?

Previously, if you searched for “Isanti dining table” you’d see images associated with that specific product. Now, you can type “bohemian table” and see a wider range of images associated with that kind of table. Again, this could be very handy if you don’t have a specific thing in mind.

Get suggestions even with poor internet connection 

Google Chrome

Chrome search suggestions appear even if you're somewhere with poor internect connection. (Image credit: Google)

This last update should be helpful if you’re somewhere with poor reception such as a subway station.

Chrome on the best Android phones and best iPhones now has improved on-device capabilities that will deliver search suggestions even with a poor internet connection. Google says this feature will also give you more helpful suggestions in Incognito Mode too.


Today’s Google Chrome search suggestions update isn’t earth-shattering but it should prove useful to folks who might just have a general idea of what they’re searching for. I like how receiving related search suggestions can give you ideas you never even considered, or potentially lead you to learn more about a specific topic or product.

Since this update is just rolling out, you might not see it immediately. To that end, you should check back later and give it a try when you do receive it.

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